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Just looking out on the day of another dream. An infinite scroll into our image portfolio. Click on the image below to learn more about it from the Blog.

The best of selection

We only get one life to get it right.
We only get one life to lead.
You find the Moment.
We’ll find the Light.

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255 Water Fountain Splash!

Walking the Trastevere streets of Rome

254 Together in Rome

Coupe portrait in Piazza del Campidoglio

253 Hanging out in Rome

On the way to the Spanish steps

252 Water fountain portrait

Fontanone water fountain

251 Love story photo session

Trevi fountain early morning portrait session

250 Couple photo shoot

Photo taken at dusk at the Roman Colosseum

249 The geometrical effect

Image taken on the staircase of the Spanish Steps

248 Italian style photoshoot!

Photo taken in the Streets of Trastevere

247 Italy Summer Honeymoon

Couple taking photos at the Trevi fountain

246 Together in Rome

Image taken at Giardino degli Aranci

245 Kissing in ancient Rome

Kissing in the ancient Roman Forum

244 Fountain romance

The Barcaccia water fountain on the Janiculum hill

243 Columns at sunset

Photo shoot in Saint Peter's square

242 Love story photo walk

Picture taken on Ponte Umberto I bridge

241 Couple under portico

Image taken in Piazza Monte Citorio

240 Terrace proposal

An intimate and romantic terrace proposal

239 In Love in Rome

Spanish steps and Trinita' dei Monti

238 Just Engaged!

Portrait picture taken at the Orange Garden

237 Just Married in Rome

Kissing at Giardino degli Aranci

236 Walking away

Roman cobblestone alleyway streets

235 Roman Pantheon shoot

View from Piazza della Rotonda

234 Vatican City Wedding

Bride & Groom under the columns of Saint Peter's square

232 Roman Fountain

Image taken in the streets of Trastevere

231 Having Fun!

Shooting at the Trevi fountain at sunset

230 Steps geometry

Picture taken on the Spanish steps

229 Love story photoshoot

Kissing at the Janiculum hill overview

228 Rome couple photo shoot

Piazza del Campidoglio. Click details to learn more

227 Just Married in Rome

Roman Colosseum Destination Wedding Photo

226 Kissed by sunlight

Engagement session picture taken at Pincio park

225 In Love in Rome

Love Story Proposal at the Roman Pantheon

Italy Photographer Portfolio

This is an on-going italy photographer portfolio as a collection of best shot images taken by our staff photographers. Retouched to studio standards and selected according to studio photography style. Here the client can get an idea of the type of photography we aspire to take. And may also be guided as to where and when pictures like this can be taken. From sunset to sunrise. A lot of hour have been lost behind these pictures!

Selection is made after a blog post. Days after publication. To be more objective about the image and its possibility to stand through time, emotions and memories. This is where the post production work begins. And if the image is picked it becomes part of the infinite image scroll. With session subdivided as follows:

Wedding Photography

Taken from Italy based destination weddings. As a selection of best Italy photographer portfolio images. Gathered throughout the years updated to the latest weddings. Wedding day photography focused mainly on the bride and groom shots. As well as honeymoon photo shoots. Photographed in Rome or throughout Italy. Focusing on the moment. Even in a posed snapshot. Framed in a typical Italian atmosphere. From central Rome with the most iconic images in mind. Selectively converting pictures into black and white. Including Tuscany and the Amalfi coast in bright vivid colors. A curated italy photographer portfolio selection carefully extracted from hundreds of photos.

Couple Photo Session

Contributing to our Italy Photographer portfolio with both casual and formal imagery. Carefully selected and curated by our professional photographers. With a final post production image enhancement using our unique photo retouching techniques. Aimed at aligning each photographer style to the studio look. And making the best out of our italy photographer portfolio. With images that are set apart from the others. By being able to communicate the joy and happiness of starting a new life together.

Surprise Proposal Photography

With a totally different style. Aiming a capturing the nature of the moment. Trying to frame emotions as real as they get. Within a guided set of framing rules. Taken from afar in a way as to not intrude in the moment. Using a long focal length lense. Then following up with more posed portrait pictures. More aligned with the couple photography session. But with the intention in creating little spontaneous moments even in a posed portrait photo. Breaking away from just looking in the camera. But shifting the attention to one another. And disregarding the attention of the viewer. Holding on to that moment and letting it last for time to unravel. 

Italy Photographer Portfolio
Service Type
Italy Photographer Portfolio
Provider Name
Andrea Matone photography studio,
Via di Grotte Portella 28, 00044, Frascati (Rome), Italy,Lazio-00044,
Telephone No.+393396094109
A collection of best of images from the Andrea Matone photographer portfolio. Including a range of lifestyle photography centered on the travelling couple trying to distinguish themselves from mainstream commercial photography.