Proposing in Rome

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Overlooking the city from above

A most beautiful moment taking place on the Janiculum hill overlooking the spectacular city of Rome from a nearby hill! Popping the BIG question right by a small Rome sign that almost created a caption for the image! Having some difficulties in getting the ring out at first! But allowing for people to move out of the frame to get just the perfect shot of this wonderful surprise wedding proposal.
We made acquaintance after catching breath and continued on with a fun and creative engagement photoshoot in around the area. Carried on by lots of joy and happiness which definitely shines through the pictures.

So we crossed the street to the other side of the Janiculum hill. The one that overlooks the Vatican and Saint Peters’ square. Where we set up some awesome portraits with St Peter’s Cathedral dome in far distance. Then we took some walking photos under the old oak trees. Finding a small kid’s amusing park which was the perfect location for some bright and colorful fun and in love pictures! Reaching the belvedere terrace to take our last set of engagement pictures just in the midst of the blue hour!

Kneed own wedding marriage proposal taking place on the Janiculum hill overlooking the city of Rome from a nearby hill

Just engaged in Rome Italy taking engagement pictures with the roman skyline in the background

Couple photoshoot portrait with Rome's Saint Peter's Basilica dome in the backdropCouple kissing on an amusement ride of a motorcycle for twoBelvedere terrace in Rome photoshoot

Walking together in the roman streets with high and old oak trees on the side roadScenic kissing picture frame with the city of Rome in the backCouple engaged portrait picture on an amusement ride


Time of the year: September
Time of day: Evening 6:45 pm
Duration: 1 hr photography session
Location: Janiculum hill | Piazzale Garibaldi | view from the Fontanone belvedere terrace
Curated imagery by the Andrea Matone photography studio
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Engaged in Rome Italy
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Engaged in Rome Italy
Candid and Spontaneous Surprise Proposal Photography in Rome Italy. Proposing in one of Rome's most spectacular locations
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