Image Retouching Services

Exclusive Image Post Processing

Included in the Price when you Book any Photo Session with us!

Raw image shot as is before undergoing post processing image enhancement After picture effect professional image retouching services

How does it work?

When you book any photo session with us you will receive a state of the art photo retouching process included in the price! Choose any photo session type from Rome: wedding, couple or proposal or wedding service in Italy, Tuscany or the Amalfi coast. And benefit from this unique and creative workflow. Which will improve your overall image quality and make the best out of your photos.

The work flow begins on the day of the photoshoot. Where the pictures need to be taken well. In order to start with a good picture file to work with. And we know how to take good pictures! Our photo retouchers will apply the image retouching services as indicated on the right. Without exceeding as the final effect needs to be pleasant and appealing but most of all realistic. Trying to optimize pictures in all lighting conditions. To obtain the best possible effect!

You will receive a final set of pictures optimized for high resolution to achieve great prints. And also in low resolution for web based posting or for social network sharing.

Framing, Cropping and Lens Correction

We tilt the picture straight and slightly crop if needed. We correct lens aberration and distortion.

Exposure and Contrast

We adjust exposure according to the artistic feel. Contrast is increased to enhance colors.

Color and Sharpening

We like bright vivid colors and whenever possible we try to enhance them within realistic limits. We also like images that are sharp in focus.

Optimizing for Printing and Social connections

We optimize picture files for high resolution printing. We also optimize for web and social networks

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Andrea did an amazing job with our engagement photos!


Here is our most recent work

345 Roman Honeymoon

345 Roman Honeymoon

Rome honeymoon couple portrait

001 Rome Coliseum Couple Photo Shoot

001 Rome Coliseum Couple Photo Shoot

Couple photoshoot. Roman Colosseum. Rome, Italy

002 In Love. Trevi fountain

002 In Love. Trevi fountain

Couple kissing. Trevi fountain Engagement photo shoot

003 Vespa Honeymoon Celebration

003 Vespa Honeymoon Celebration

PhotoShoot set up with a vintage Piaggio Vespa. Janiculum hill

005 Trevi fountain proposal

005 Trevi fountain proposal

Surprise wedding proposal. Rome Trevi fountain

004 Walking in Roma

004 Walking in Roma

Couple walking during a Photo Shoot

And this is how we do it

Sample photo of before the photo retouch service applied to a couple photoshoot After post production processing couple photography
Before the wedding touch up service After the touch process image optimization

What can you expect from a photoshoot with us?

Professional courtesy from a bilingual photographer with an in-depth knowledge of the local city. To take you to the right places at the right time to capture some great photographs! Receiving at least 40 pictures / hour optimized with post production image enhancement included in the price.


What if I want to receive all the pictures that are taken?

This is possible by including the ‘retrieve all picture files‘ option during the booking process. You will therefore receive all the pictures shot as is with no post processing in high resolution. Together with the standard delivery of 40 pictures/hr including post processing.

How will I receive the photos?

Photos are delivered by online cloud service. You will receive a link to follow where you will be able to download all the digital files in high and low resolution including all printing rights.

How long will the delivery take?

Pictures are processed and delivered on a first in first out basis. This may take up to 1 month depending on the season and the current workflow. If you wish to speed up the process you may select the expedient image delivery. This includes a 5 picture selection to be received in Low resolution on the day of the photo session as raw files with no post processing. With all the pictures to be delivered within 2 weeks if not earlier in High and Low resolution including post processing enhancement.

What is not included in the Photo Retouching?

Although we try to clean a picture whenever possible. By removing small unwanted objects. We normally do not remove objects.  And we do not add objects in. Nor we alter a person’s physical traits. Or change the background. Our touch up workflow is that of a normalization process. Focused in improving the picture quality by working on framing, color, contrast, sharpening, white balance and noise reduction.

Professional Image Retouching Services applied to lifestyle photography

Photo retouching service
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Photo retouching service
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Andrea Matone photography studio,
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Professional photo retouching service included in all our lifestyle photography sessions aimed at enhancing image quality