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Rome couple photo shoot

What an incredible photo shoot in Rome

With just an amazing couple Rome photoshoot! Starting at the Roman Pantheon and hitting just about every main location in Rome. Capturing the essence of every spot with a spontaneous and carefree frame of mind. Trying on new dresses and clothes and trying to match them to the different locations! So we started with the Pantheon which came out great. The attire fitted perfectly with the surroundings. Recalling the light and dark areas created by the beautiful soft morning light which was shining through the square and into the water fountain. Perhaps, one of the best dress of them all!

The Rome Couple Photo Shoot continued at the Trevi fountain. Where the first rays of light were starting to shine through. And here the blue dress recalled the azure color of the water in the fountain. Notwithstanding the early time, we had to elbow a little bit to get through and to get the right pictures. Choosing the best time to go to the Trevi fountain is not easy. As in the really early morning there are certainly less people present but in a light which is not often not ideal. Still dark and shaded and lacking bright vivid colors. The light improves as the morning rolls in but the number of bystanders also increases. Finding the middle ground somewhere in between.

Our next stop was the Spanish steps. Where we found beautiful shining light over the skyline. Choosing darker attires in contraposition to the white marble that covers a good portion of Piazza di Spagna. The Rome photographer shooting some really breathtaking views over the roman skyline. Then making our way into the secular square to take portrait pictures, posed and spontaneous shots as well as a sequence of ‘urgent‘ images running across the square! Ending the shoot at the very bottom taking pictures right below by the Barcaccia water fountain.

Couple posed portrait taken during a photo shoot at the Roman Pantheon in Rome, ITaly

Taking holding hands pictures at the Trevi fountain wearing the blue dress

Sitting down image of a couple during an engagement session photographed in front of the panoramic view of the roman skyline

Improvised dancing in front of a typical roman doorway during a photography session

Close up portrait of an engaged couple smiling together

Vertical image of an engagement photo session overlooking the Rome panorama

Dipping pose in front of the sweeping view of Rome in Italy

Kissing by the Barcaccia water fountain found at the bottom of the Spanish steps

Couple running from one end of the square to the next in Piazza di Spagna in Italy

Hitting all the main locations

Including the side streets and hidden corners. Making our way to the Pincio park terrace outlook. A great place which has a spectacular view over the city. Often chosen as the perfect location to propose in Rome. When we arrived the small terrace was almost flooded with water from the recent rains. A good example of how an obstacle can turn into a photographic opportunity. What better occasion to shoot some great couple pics with the water reflection! Just needed to squeeze in a little bit and the frame was composed! With clear blue skies and great big fluffy clouds overhead!

Then we hopped over to the Saint Peter’s square in the Vatican, were we had a new change of clothing. Recreating a more casual mood of having fun and visiting the city. Shooting some great casual shots walking in the square holding hands and strolling around. Taking pictures both inside and outside the square. As well as in around the colonnade. Which has fantastic geometrical effects.

Then we headed to the Janiculum square. Where we found the Fontanone water fountain as splendid as ever. With emerald green water and below the bright yellow court interior. Going for a new attire change. Resembling a Rome wedding photographer session. Especially with the black and white images that came out. Beautifully contrasted between the couple and the city in the background. Although this location may be a little bit off the city center. It’s got some of the best photographic angles.

This photographer session wouldn’t be a complete without including the Roman Colosseum. Changing into a new attire which perfectly fitted the ancient location as well as the light that was coming down. With the best part yet to come. Shooting on a white Piaggio scooter used as a prop and positioned in a characteristic and typical roman alleyway with the Coliseum as background! After capturing some great Rome Couple Photo Shoot photos, we moved over to the other side of the Colosseum. Capturing some other unique and creative shots with a different angle of the Colosseum. Which came out really nice with some good contrast and colors.

Our last and final Rome Couple Photo Shoot stop was Piazza Navona. Pulling out the last clothing attire change. Switching into more modern colors. Pink. Which had everyone turn their head as we were walking across the square. Taking pictures from one fountain to the next. Hoping that the Sant’Agnese Church would not fall on us as were taking our last pictures!

Double portrait of a couple in front of the amazing view of Rome together with the reflection counterpart

Sitting down on the Spanish steps

Casually walking hand in hand in Saint Peter's square in the Vatican Italy

Black and white photography session overlooking the Rome skyline

Sweeping view of the skyline and the roman rooftops during a once in a lifetime photoshoot in Rome

Posed portrait picture of a couple at the Janiculum water fountain

Showing color version of the same photo Showing black and white version of the same photo

Couple holding hands in hands and walking across the street during a photography sessionRoman Colosseum photo shoot white riding a white piaggio scooter in the streets of Rome Italy. Rome Couple Photo Shoot

Unique and creative couple photos in the streets of Rome ItalyPiazza Navona photo session with a couple wearing pink


Time of the year: October
Time of day: mid morning 10:00 am
Services: 7 hour Rome Couple Photo Shoot with minivan service courtesy of WheretoRome. Black and white photography conversion, retrieve all JPG picture file option and RAW picture files with expedient image deliver
Clothing changes: 7 attires
Locations: Pantheon | Trevi | Spanish steps | Pincio | Vatican | Janiculum | Colosseum | Navona
Curated imagery by the Andrea Matone Rome Rome Couple Photo Shoot. Start here to learn more about our Italy photoshoot sessions. For Proposal in Rome click here!

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Taking creative and unique photography in Rome
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Taking creative and unique photography in Rome
Hoping from place to place to get great couple photos. Using a large minivan as transport but also as changing room! A fantastic photo shoot lasting 7 hours with 7 clothing changes and hitting 8 main locations. Including a scooter used as prop at the Roman Colosseum.
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