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Proposal Photographer Tuscany

Tuscany Proposal and Engagement Photography

We are a Photography studio dedicated in setting up and producing beautiful Pictures of Tuscany Proposals with our Unique and Creative Tuscany Engagement Photographer service

Red wine close up twirling in a wine glass. Image taken during a tuscan wine tour in Italy

Close up photography of typical blue grapes

Couple kissing during an engagement photo shoot. Proposal Photographer Tuscany

How does a Tuscany Proposal Photographer session work?

Capturing Forever: The Magic of a Surprise Proposal Photographer Session in in Florence or in the Tuscan countryside

Walking through the tuscan rolling hills and vineyards, it’s easy to get lost in the timeless beauty of the Tuscan region. For those looking to pop the question in one of the most romantic settings in the world, a tuscan surprise proposal offers the perfect blend of intimacy and breathtaking landscapes. Here’s a glimpse into how this magical experience unfolds.

First, the planning begins with our staff and the proposer, discussing the vision, the ideal proposal location, and any specific details to ensure the moment is captured perfectly. This is done on line via email at booking completion of the Tuscany photoshoot. On the day of the proposal in Tuscany, the couple sets out for a romantic excursion, perhaps to a secluded vineyard (see sample Tuscan photo sessions on our blog) on or a historic town, where the magic can unfold against the stunning backdrop.

As the couple arrives at the chosen spot, the proposal photographer in Tuscany, disguised as a casual observer, discreetly captures the unfolding story. The proposer, after taking a deep breath! Usually gets down on one knee. But not always. And presents the engagement ring, while the photographer immortalizes the raw, emotional moments as they happen. The joy, the tears, and the overwhelming love are all frozen in time through the lens of the camera.

After the proposal, the photographer can orchestrate a romantic, post-engagement photo session, making use these idyllic settings to create a collection of images that encapsulate the love and excitement of the newly engaged couple. As the session draws to a close. One month from the Engagement Photographer session, the couple is presented with a carefully curated selection of edited photographs, serving as timeless reminders of the profound and life-changing moment that took place in the heart of the Tuscan region.

A photo session with our surprise proposal photographer in Tuscany is not just about capturing a moment—it’s about encapsulating a story, an emotion, and a love that will last a lifetime. This special region provides the perfect stage for this timeless occasion, offering an enchanting backdrop for the beginning of a new chapter.

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Proposing at the head of the vineyard rows in a knee down position. Photographer Tuscany proposal

Closeup of the engagement ring as it is being placed on the finger during a proposal Photographer in Tuscany

Couple portrait together in the Tuscan hills of Montalcino. Tuscany Proposal in Italy

Andrea was fantastic in the lead up and execution of my surprise proposal in Montalcino. I reached out four months before the date, and he always responded by the next day answering all of my questions. He arrived to the site an hour or two in advance in order to find the perfect spot to ask the big question. I highly recommend booking Andrea's service, you will not be disappointed!


What can you expect from a Tuscany Engagement Photographer session?

Unique couple portrait pictures in iconic locations which best represent the Tuscan region or Florence. Taken by English speaking professional photographers with local experience of the tuscan region. Favoring certain locations and times of day to get the best possible pictures. Focusing on posed portraits but also shooting more candid shots. Especially for the Proposals in Tuscany. Striving to take fun and playful Engagement photos. Especially when in love! Unique and creative compositions that recall that true Italian Tuscan environment.

A Tuscany photographer session typically begins with a consultation via email to discuss the photographic vision, the preferred Tuscany photoshoot locations, and any specific shots that you may be looking for. Like the Val d’Orcia region in Tuscany, a UNESCO World Heritage center. If the session is a surprise proposal. We choose together a venue location for the proposal to take place. This can be a winery proposal in Tuscany or it can be another specifically location. Either in the city or countryside. Depending also on where you are located.

On the day of the session, the engagement photographer and clients venture out to picturesque Tuscan landscapes, vineyards, or historic towns, taking advantage of the golden light that bathes the tuscan region. The photographer captures candid moments, stunning landscapes, and carefully choreographed poses, ensuring a mix of natural and posed shots. Clients are encouraged to relax and enjoy the experience while the photographer works to create timeless images that encapsulate the beauty and romance. After the Engagement Photographer session, the photographer meticulously selects and edits the best images, presenting the clients with a collection of breathtaking photographs that serve as lasting mementos of their time in Italy.


What happens in case of rain?

We can reschedule to a mutually agreeable date and time. But we have to make the decision at least a day in advance in order to be able to reschedule. If it is no raining very hard. Then shooting when it is just cloudy has advantages in terms of light. An overcast day makes for more contrasted pictures where the light is more evenly distributed.

What are the payment options

Payment is divided in a 30% deposit payable at the moment of booking via our instant quote page either by PayPal or Stripe which is direct credit card debit. A reservation will let you secure your preferred date / time of the Tuscan or Florence Photographer session. The remaining sun can be paid in either in EURO cash or by credit card on the day of the session +6% studio payment transfer fees.

How are pictures delivered?

Pictures can be transferred after editing and post production processing directly from our cloud servers. What is the delivery time? About a month from the proposal or photoshoot if  not earlier. You will receive a download link via email from where you will be able to download the high resolution picture files which include all printing rights. A faster delivery option exists in case you prefer a faster turnaround. The Expedient Image Delivery option available as an addon during the booking phase. Once pictures are uploaded onto the cloud server, they will be available to download for about 2 weeks after which the server normally clears out the files from the server.

Does the black and white conversion also include the color pictures?

Yes, when you select the black and white option you will also automatically receive pictures in both color and b&w. Essentially including black & white is like an add on to the color image delivery.

Where else do you shoot couple or family photo sessions?

Besides shooting proposals and engagement photography. We also take wedding pictures with our Tuscany Wedding Photographer services.

Who is going to take our pictures?

Our photography studio is currently made up of 3 associated photographers. Andrea, the founder and two other photographers. One of which is also a videographer. Please refer to our about us page! Session are attributed to the Photographer approximately 1 week before the session. Allowing us to plan out engagement session or proposal as best we can and with the most efficiency. Our website portfolio is the join effort of our studio photographers.

Do you shoot proposals anywhere else?

Yes our Italy Photoshoot service reaches out to Rome with our Rome Photographer service to photograph Surprise Proposals and Engagement PhotoShoots. And further south to the Amalfi Coast with our Amalfi proposal photographer service and Positano proposals. Ultimately reach out to Venice passing through the Proposal Photographer Tuscany service for splendid Venice Photographer services such as Venice proposals on a gondola.

How long will the delivery take?

We work on photos on a first in first out basis. So in the summertime this can be as long as a month. If you wish to speed up the process you can select the expedient image delivery option. Which shortens the delivery time to a 2 week maximum wait although we often are able to complete production within a week.

Are pictures post produced?

Yes, photos undergo an exclusive post production processing. Which includes framing improvements, exposure, color and contrast adjustments. Fixing the white balance if necessary. Optimizing image sharpness. Trying to make the photos look best. It is out of the scope of our post production processing altering a person’s traits or removing or adding objects from the picture frame.

What time is best?

The optimal time to shoot really depends on the shooting location. If we are dealing with a Florence photoshoot then shooting in the early morning is a must. As Florence gets otherwise too crowded to shoot. Sunset is also nice but perhaps in Piazzale Michelangelo with a view over the city from above. Sunset in the city may not be so nice as it would still be crowded and a clear view over the horizon would be missing in a city environment. Perhaps centering the Florence photographer session around Ponte Vecchio would produce nice results.

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