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Amalfi coast
Amalfi coast
Tuscany | Umbria
Tuscany | Umbria
As a


if we shoot more we’ll be happy to include any extra with +photo retouching

Touched up

Touched up

In order to best optimize and enhance the quality of your pictures

Okay, what is

+Photo Retouching?

An exclusive touch up workflow applied to all our pictures included in the price

Expedient Image deliver

When you book a photo session with us you’ll receive approx. 50 pictures/hour. Often more if conditions permit. Including +photo retouching. When? In around 1 month in low season. Up to 2 months in high season at the latest. The Expedient Image Delivery option will get you 3-5 pictures shot as is and delivered in low resolution on the day of the photo shoot. You will also receive the final image delivery, highlighted with priority photo retouching, within 2 weeks if not earlier. Often within the first week. 

Expedient Video deliver

When you include the video service with Editing. Not just the RAW clips. You will receive the edited Video in approx 1-2 months from the shooting date. When you include the Expedient Video Delivery option you will receive the edited Video with priority delivery within 2 weeks if not earlier.

Black & White conversion

On the day of the session we will naturally shoot in color. By including this option we will professionally convert the color images into Black and White. Therefore delivering to you 2 sets of pictures. One in color and one in black and white. Additional question: but what if I only want just a couple of photos in black and white? It is our experience that it is not easy to pick which photos will turn out best in b&w. To avoid a back and forth trial and error, we prefer to convert all the selected pictures. So that you have an immediate sense of which image is best represented in black and white. And from this batch you can directly choose the ones you like best from your Italy photographer session. 

Blog picture insertion

Want to have your pictures featured on our blog for friends and family to see online? By clicking off this option we will select a small number of photos to include in a blog post. The post will be written in third person and will not include any personal information. Just a small recollection of how the session was photographed and where and how it took place.

Exclusive image rights

By default our terms and conditions allow for non-exclusive reciprocal image rights. This means that the client is free to use the images in high and low resolution however you sees fit. You can print images anywhere you want and at any size, and use them online with no restrictions. Full usage rights are include. At the same time our studio will share these non-exclusive rights. So our studio will also be able to use some of the photos if needed for personal promotion like online galleries, image portfolio, blog post insertions, photography contests etc.

If you purchase Exclusive Rights you’ll be essentially the sole owner and our studio not be able to use the images in any way.

Retrieve RAW files

Our photographers will shot in RAW format to obtain the highest possible quality and post processing options. Back at the studio these files will undergo post processing touch up and a JPG file will be produced which is what we normally deliver. If you would also like to receive the RAW file tick off this option. This is seldomly ever needed. But some photographer clients or people that are interested in doing their own post processing touch up may find this useful to have.

Retrieve all JPG picture file

We will deliver approx. 50 JPG touched up pictures/hour or more. To achieve this number of photos, the photographer will often shoot a lot more frames. Some of these photos get screened out during the editing phase. Before the post processing touch up. The pictures that normally get screened out are: badly framed images, out of focus, almost identical doubles, excessively under or overexposed, bad body positions or expressions, unwanted eyes closed, etc. Choose this option to retrieve all available pictures after the above screening. This option will allow you to receive the highest possibile picture count in high resolution JPG format. 

Great how do I book a

Photoshoot in Italy

And what are the Prices?

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This is where you will find an immediate price quote fully personalized and adjustable according to your photography needs

Italy Photoshoot. Just engaged kissing in front of the Coliseum in Rome Italy. Black and white fine art image by the Andrea Matone photography studio

Couple walking in the streets of Rome during an Italy Photographer session in Rome. Image in bw post processing touch up.