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Rome, Italy

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The city of Rome offers some really awesome spots for stunning photography sessions. I have taken engagement pictures all over Italy but Rome has undoubtedly the highest concentration of really incredible places to take photos in. Here on the right you will find some of my favorites from a photographer’s perspective. On this page you will find more tips and photo shoot ideas in Rome.

Personalized Itineraries

Suggestions are provided to help you build the most efficient route. Walk, subway, taxi, private car. Travel time is also taken into account if you choose to include multiple locations. Considerations are made on how crowded the place may be with respect to the shooting time; trying to minimize the crowd impact on the photography.

Which day is best

Monday through Thursday are best. With the stores being closed on Monday morning. The Papal audience is on Wednesday morning. So if you would like to include Saint Peter’s square this may not be the best day. Saturday and Sunday are good as well with minimum commuting traffic.

Locations in Rome

Trevi fountain: beautiful & romantic but crowded..


Spanish steps: just recently reopened after restoration!


Roman Colosseum: just recently restored!


Saint Peter’s square: stunning colonnade


Roman Pantheon: great light inside at times


Roman Forum: sweeping view from above


Piazza Navona: statues fountains and paintings


Gianicolo: unique and less known


Villa Borghese Park: green park, lake and gardens


Couple kissing at sunset in Rome. Engagement photographer Rome.

People kissing in the strangest places!

Romantically in love on the terrace of Parco del Pincio in Rome.

Funny picture of a couple during a photography session with a roman centurion

Romantically kissing in the streets in front of a door step.

What can you expect from the photography session?

Feeling at ease with the city and the language. Visit the city together with your partner almost as if the photographer was not even there! Build at the same time a romantic love story composed of authentic images of the most spectacular places that only a local expert can indicate. Unique and creative compositions that recall the city of Rome in all its beautiful splendor. Favoring fun and joyful images. As you walk around and enjoy the day. In a candid and spontaneous way. With unique angles and creative style. Adapting the approach according to your personal preference. Creating authentic and non conventional picture memories for your honeymoon, anniversary or engagement session.

Fun and playful

On a scooter around the city of Rome on a Vespa tour

Creative and artistic

Couple walking during a photo shoot.

Relaxed and laid back

Laid back couple relaxing on green grass.

Evocative images

Evocative engagement photography in Rome Italy.

Candid and spontaneous

The joy and happiness of a couple in love after a proposal.

Romantic pictures

Couple in silhouette at the Trevi fountain in Rome.

Do you need a hand?


Great Customer Service

English speaking photographers in Rome Italy. Fast and efficient e-mail service. Custom made itineraries and locations in function of your preference. New to Rome? We can set up an itinerary in around your accommodation if you are staying the city center. Wish to include a car service?  We have that too!

Engaged couple posing inside a Hotel.

Hotel interior lifestyle imagery in Rome

Night Time photography is an option!

It’s a little more tricky to set-up but it is a feasible and exclusive option to include in the engagement session. The city offers a wide range of options where great images can be obtained. Different light settings would need to be set-up so it won’t be so straight forward as a daylight session. But the final effect can really be unique.

Nighttime engagement photo session in Rome at the Vatican during a Pre Wedding shoot

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