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Couple Engagement Anniversary Honeymoon Vacation

We are a creative photo studio with passion for lifestyle and couple photography. Skilled in producing beautiful vacation photo shoot sessions to remember your Rome visit in stunning lifestyle images.

Sunset couple photoshoot Rome vacation photographer just engaged overlooking the beautiful roman skyline

Rome Photoshoot Couple engagement photographer session in Italy overlooking the rooftops at sunset

How does it work?

Rome is a very beautiful and unique place to take couple photos. Especially in certain locations and at a precise time. We streamlined the process of setting up a Rome photo shoot.  Simplifying the pricing and quotation process. Presenting to you a very simple and easy method of booking. Where you will be able to custom design your Rome photoshoot as you see best. Starting from a 1 hr photo session in an iconic locations of Rome of your choice. Such as the Roman Colosseum or the Trevi fountain. Adding from there additional time or additional services like car service. To easily reach even the most far away locations. Or to conveniently keep things in the car that you don’t want to show. Hair and make up service. As well as wide range of post processing options!

Andrea is personable, punctual, and incredibly talented. Amazing experience! We are very pleased with the photographs taken by Andrea.

001 Rome Coliseum Couple Photo Shoot

001 Rome Coliseum Couple Photo Shoot

Couple photoshoot. Roman Colosseum. Rome, Italy

002 In Love. Trevi fountain

002 In Love. Trevi fountain

Couple kissing. Trevi fountain Engagement photo shoot

003 Vespa Honeymoon Celebration

003 Vespa Honeymoon Celebration

PhotoShoot set up with a vintage Piaggio Vespa. Janiculum hill

005 Trevi fountain proposal

005 Trevi fountain proposal

Surprise wedding proposal. Rome Trevi fountain

004 Walking in Roma

004 Walking in Roma

Couple walking during a Photo Shoot

012 Engaged Silhouette

012 Engaged Silhouette

Roman Coliseum dusk shoot

006 Colosseum proposal

006 Colosseum proposal

Roman Colosseum marriage proposal

010 Rome Engaged

010 Rome Engaged

Image taken at the Orange garden terrace outlook

007 Couple sitting. Trevi fountain

007 Couple sitting. Trevi fountain

Couple portrait picture. Fontana di Trevi

008 Silhouette Rome PhotoShoot

008 Silhouette Rome PhotoShoot

Couple image. Colosseum at dusk

009 Asking the Big question!

009 Asking the Big question!

Asking the Big question!

011 Trevi fashion shoot

011 Trevi fashion shoot

Modelling at Fontana di Trevi

What can you expect from the photoshoot?

Feeling at ease with the city and the language. Visit the city together with your partner almost as if the photographer was not even there! Build at the same time a romantic love story composed of authentic images in spectacular locations that only a local expert photographer can indicate. Unique and creative compositions that recall the city of Rome in all its beautiful splendor. Favoring fun and joyful images. As you walk around and enjoy the day. In a candid and spontaneous way. With unique angles and creative style. Adapting the approach according to your personal preference. Creating authentic and non conventional picture memories for your Rome photoshoot let that be a honeymoon, anniversary or engagement session or following a surprise proposal session. Your professional photographer in Rome.

What time should we shoot?

The best photo shooting time frame depends on sunrise, sunset which both vary according to season as well as daylight saving time. The table below indicates the best time to achieve the best light for lifestyle photography. With the last indicated hour being the ‘golden hour‘. Bright yellow low light which anticipates sunset and is used to achieve suggestive photographic effects.


8:00 to 6:00 pm up until March 28th 


8:00 to 6:00 pm


8:00 to 7:00 pm


11:00 – 7:30 pm


11:00 – 7:30 pm


10:30 – 7:30 pm


10:30 to 6:30 pm


10:00 to 6:00 pm up until October 26th then 10:30 to 4:30 pm due to daylight saving time


9:00 to 4:00 pm


9:00 – 4:00 pm


9:30 – 4:30 pm


10:00 – 5:00 pm

Shooting Before DayLight
The above is our recommendation to achieve the best light for a photo session in Rome. One may want to shoot before these starting times to avoid crowds in certain locations such as the Trevi fountain. Although the number of bystanders will be less the light condition will not be ideal. Often still in the shade hidden and not risen enough to surpass hills or building.
The choice here is a balance between choosing an empty location for wide open picture frames with no people in it. Or better light but constraint to frame in close in to avoid crowding the frame with bystanders.

Shooting after DayLight
It is also possible and advisable to go after daytime if you wish to achieve specific light effects such as silhouettes images and other nighttime photo effects. These can be achieved in ‘blue light‘ which normally occurs approx 1 hr after sunset.


How can we best prepare for the Rome photoshoot?

If this is the first time you are taking pictures together. Please view our couple photography portfolio to get inspiration for poses and different looks. Please have a look at our Pinterest profile. Specifically the couple photo session board. Which is subdivided by roman location. Where you will find lots of couple picture ideas. Once you have reserved a photo shoot with us. If you have a Pinterest account you could pin images onto a board and send them over to us. So we can take a look at what you like best and we could also use these pictures during the session as posing inspiration.

What should we wear for the photo shoot?

Casual or formal attire. But not wedding attire. For wedding photography please consult the Rome wedding photographer session for details and bookings.

For couple and engagement photos, please dress according to the setting. If we are shooting in a park environment favor casual and informal clothing. For urban settings like the city of Rome or a Hotel go you can go for more formal attire. Trying to coordinate the color scheme. But not going overboard. Accessories play a big part in finding colors and styles that may bridge with your partner. But most of all feel comfortable with whatever you are wearing.

If it is summer in Italy choose light colors where girls may want to favor dresses and guys linen to escape from the heat. We like the color red for dresses that overlay nicely with white marble often found around the city. Purple is also an interesting color.

What if it rains on the day of the session?

In case of rain we can reschedule to a mutually agreeable date/time provided that the rescheduling request for rain is send in via email at least 4 hrs before the start of the photoshoot. If the rescheduling is not possible the studio will return the deposit payment back.

This said prior to the session, we always check weather forecast by the hour and if we see forecasted rain we always try to contact the client days before to decide what to do together.
Aside from the rain, shooting on a cloudy day is not necessarily a bad thing. We all want clear blue sky and bright vibrant colors in our photos. But an overcast day brings other interesting elements to the photography. Adding drama to the picture frame. Increasing contrasts and making the image interesting in its own way. It also provides a great opportunity to turn photos into black and white. As the latter photographic effect plays great on a cloudy day.

When does the photo session start? When we meet or when we are on location?

The photo shoot starts when you first meet the photographer.
For photo shoots that do not include the car service the photo shoot will start when you meet with the photographer. The meeting point is usually the first location on the shooting itinerary.

If you include the car service the photography service starts at the pick up address. Where the driver, the client and the photographer all meet to go to the first itinerary location together. if you hotel or accomodation is distant from the Rome city center. Or if the specific location where you would like to shoot in is far away. Additional car/photography hours will need to be accounted for taking into consideration the travelling times needed to reach the desired locations.

Are travelling times to reach the different location accounted for in the photography times? Yes as the photographer is engaged in the session and we cannot separate the travelling times from the photography times. They are both part of the photo session.

What about a change of clothing during the session?

Having alternative attires adds dynamism to the photo session. Going for a change of clothing on a 1 hr session is feasible using a public restroom. But the timing might be compressed to get a good number of shots. Extending the session to 2 hrs usually gives more breathing room to take pictures. If coupled with a minivan car service than it becomes easier. Where one could change in the back of the minivan as we transfer from one location to another. Having a car also helps in being able to leave things in it and not having to carry everything by hand.

How does Payment work?

Payment is done by leaving a 30% advance payment via PayPal or by Stripe with direct debit at the moment of booking. Through our instant price and book form. This enables you to reserve a date/time slot for your photo session. The remaining balance is due in EURO cash or by credit card +6% payment transfer fees on the day of the photo shoot at the end of the session.

How will I receive the photos?

Pictures will be delivered online by cloud transfer service. A link will be sent to you via email where you will be able to download the High and Low resolution files inclusive of post production processing and all printing rights. Please note pictures cannot stay on the cloud server indefinitely. But only for the time needed to transfer them. We usually set this time as 2 weeks but we can extend this if you need extra time. So please take image ownership once you receive the download link.

What if I include the 'Retrieve All Picture file' option?

With the retrieve all picture files option you will also receive, together with your touched up 50 pictures/hr,  all shot pictures in high resolution with no post processing.
Let’s make a 2 hr Rome photoshoot example: we end up shooting 237 photos. 125 are selected for touch up processing and delivery. Yes the 50 pictures/hr is a minimum number of receivable photos. If there are more we will be happy to include them with post processing at no extra cost.
If you select ‘Retrieve all pictures files’ you will also receive the 237 picture files shot as is with no post processing.

Does the black and white conversion also come with color pictures?

Yes the black and white conversion is an add on to the color photos which are included by default when booking a photo shoot of any length in time.

On a 1 hr photo session I will receive a minimum of 50 pictures/hour. Are these photos touched up?

Yes the 50 pictures/hr are inclusive of post production processing. It is a minimum number. Should we shoot more photos we will be happy to include any extra pictures with Touch Up at no extra cost. The touch up work includes fixing framing if needed. Improving exposure, color, contrast. Adjusting white balance if necessary. Optimizing image sharpness. Ir does not include changing a person’s characteristics or altering a person shape. Adding or removing objects or persons.

What time is best?

The best time for a Rome photoshoot really depends on the chosen location(s). It is widely believed that shooting at sunset produces the best photos. This is not always the case. For example the sun may be setting behind tall buildings producing large shadow areas which does not provide for the best light. Early morning sessions are also believed to have the intense lighting. But a positive result depends on how this lighting shines a location. So you really need to know the city and how it relates to light to choose the best time to be there to take pictures.  I often check sunrise and sunset times in Rome to make sure we are going on location shooting at the right time.

Where else do you shoot?

Based out of Rome Italy we are happy to shoot romantic and scenic couple photo sessions in the Amalfi coast: Amalfi photoshoot, typical tuscan countryside photography sessions: Tuscany photoshoot, as well as unique and creative Venetian photographer sessions: Venice photoshoot.

How long will the delivery take?

Pictures are processed and delivered on a first in first out basis. This may take up to 1 month depending on the season and the current work flow. If you wish to speed up the process you may select the expedient image delivery. This includes a 5 picture selection to be received in Low resolution on the day of the photo session as raw files with no post processing. With all the pictures to be delivered within 2 weeks if not earlier in High and Low resolution including post processing enhancement.

Who is going to take our pictures?

Our photography studio is currently made up of 3 associated photographers. Andrea Matone, the founder photographer is still an active photographer and one of the three professionals. Please see us on the about us page! Rome photoshoots are attributed to the photographer at the beginning of the month or 1 week before the session at the latest. Allowing us to plan out the photo shoots and the photographer time as best we can and with the most efficiency. The portfolio section of our website is the byproduct of our photography team work. Which puts everything together. Logistic and planning, photography time and post processing. Finally to view singular photo sessions please check out or blog.

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