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Venice Photographer

Couple Engagement Anniversary Honeymoon Vacation

Simple and Creative. Rome based photography studio with passion for travel, lifestyle and couple photography. Taking beautiful pictures for you in one of the most evocative cities in the world

Kissing on a gondola ride on Canal Grande. Venice photographer service

The bridge of Sighs

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This is the perfect city for a couple elopement getaway. There is a beautiful romantic feeling around every corner, canal and bridge. Ideal to visit by walking around aimlessly. And ideal as background to a romantic couple photoshoot. Where it is so easy to get lost in the alleyways. Which can be the best way to discover the city and to capture fabolous one of a kind pictures. Then finding our way back to the main sites such as Piazza San Marco, the Bridge of Sighs or the Rialto fish and fruit market. With a very simple and easy method of booking. Personalize your Venice Photographer session according to preference. Choose the length of the session according to preference. Add any additional services if you see fit.

Andrea made this special day even better with his amazing pictures! He was professional and put so much thought into every part of the session. He made us feel comfortable the whole time and genuinely cared to capture every special moment. We loved how the Venice photoshoot pictures turned out and can’t wait to frame them!!


What can you expect from the photoshoot?

Feeling at ease with the city and the language. Through the eyes of an English speaking professional Venice photographer. Which will accompany you and guide you to take pictures in some of the most iconic and scenic locations in a Couple PhotoShoot in Venice Italy. As well as getting lost in the side streets to capture unique and creative portraits in the alleyways, canals and bridges. That make this city such a one and only location. Putting together a truly romantic love story image sequence. To always remember your engagement, honeymoon, anniversary or proposal in Venice.


Where should we take pictures?

Rialto, Piazza San Marco and the Bridge of Sighs are among the most popular must include locations in a Venice Photographer session. But we also like to shoot sunrises and sunsets from the Ponte dell’Accademia bridge which are priceless to watch. Include the  rooftops which can be seen from Scala Contarini del Bovolo stairs which lead to a cupola belvedere from where you can admire the city rooftops and shoot some fantastic photos.  And the mosaic pavements of Ca’ D’Oro are a great inclusion in any photo session. There is also the island of Murano which has fantastic house colors to use as background.

Will the photos that we will receive include touch up work?

Yes all our Venice photographer sessions and all the pictures that we deliver include post processing touch up. More on out +Photo Retouching service here.

What is the 'Retrieve All Picture file' option?

By including this option in your photoshoot you will receive, with your minimum 40 photo/hr delivery or more, all the photos that were taken in high resolution without post processing.
For example: if you choose a 2 hr photo shoot and the photographer takes 284 photos. Say 104 are selected and undergo touch up process to be delivered. As mentioned the 40 photos/hr is a minimum quantity of pictures. If there are more we will be happy to include these with touch up at no extra cost.
If during the booking phase you included the option ‘Retrieve all pictures files’ you will also receive the 284 pictures shot as is with no post processing.

What is the best attire for the photo session?

The Venice photographer session is intended for casual or formal clothing. If you are planning to wear wedding attire please refer to the bride and groom photo sessions for details and bookings. For a couple photo sessions, it is best to favor attire which makes you feel comfortable. In the summer you may choose light colors where girls may want to favor dresses and guys linen to escape from the heat. You can also try to coordinate a color scheme. But without going overboard. Accessories can play a nice role in finding color palettes and styles that form a connecting bridge with your partner. But the key is feeling at easy throughout the session with what you are wearing.

Can we change clothing during the session?

Yes change of clothing is possible during the Venice photographer session. Adding some nice diversity to the session. Considering the time the change may take, it may make more sense on longer photoshoot rather than shorter ones.  If you are staying in the old city center we can devise an itinerary which can take into account going back to your accommodation to change. If this is too far away we can use public restrooms with the drawback of having to carry the change with us through the session.

What time is best?

Early morning have the advantage of not having so many people around. But if we go too early in the morning we might find the light still too low. Leaving some areas still in the shade and too dark to shoot. Mid morning works most of the time throughout the year and in most locations. Also late afternoon into sunset is also a good time. A few hours before sunset. Finding the Golden Light. Which is a nice soothing warm light which may light a perfect photoshoot.

How are pictures delivered?

Photos are delivered through online download via cloud server. When ready, you will receive via email a download link. Where you will be able to transfer all the high and low resolution pictures including post processing touch up. Where the link will be active for download for about 2 weeks or longer if needed.

How long will the delivery take?

We work on a first in first out basis. All our shoots are post produced so on average you may expect to receive the picture from us after about a month from the day of the photo session. Times may change depending on the time of the year and the current workflow. However if you wish to speed up the process. You can select the ‘Expedient Image’ delivery option at the moment of booking. Enabling you to receive all the pictures processed within 2 weeks if not earlier.

Do you take pictures also in other parts of Italy?

Yes we also shoot in Rome the capital of Italy and the central part of Italy, the Amalfi coast and the region of Tuscany. For further details and information check out the: Rome photoshoot page, the Amalfi photoshoot page and the Tuscany and Florence photographer section.

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