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We are a creative photographer studio with passion for lifestyle and couple photography. Skilled in producing beautiful vacation photo shoots to remember your visit in Florence Tuscany in once in a lifetime photos

Couple walking hand in hand in a vineyard Tuscany Italy during a Florence Photographer session

Aerial view Tuscan country

Couple kissing in a vineyard with the tuscany town Greve in Chianti Italy in the far distance

How does it work?

Setting up a couple photographer session in Florence or in Tuscany has never been so easy! Select the locations where you would like to shoot with one of our Rome or Florence photographers. Determine the number of photography hours you would like to shoot for. Decide if you would like to include a car service with driver to take you around any nearby location. Finally select any post production process you would like to include in your final picture delivery. And we are good to go! We will take car of the rest. Providing you at the end of the process, with a wide range of pictures files which will make your visit in Tuscany and in Florence a truly unforgettable experience! Check out our portfolio section to see a collection of best of pictures taken from photo shoots we have done in the past.

For Prices and Bookings please find below our Instant quote page and Reservation form where you can estimate costs, view the available options and ultimately proceed with your booking if you wish to move forward with your Photographer Florence. Looking to have your wedding in Tuscany photographed? Check out our Tuscany Wedding Photographer page.

Choose Couple Photography service

and start building a custom made photo shoot in Tuscany

Select the length of the photo shoot

by 1 hr photo session intervals

Choose the photo shoot locations

This can be in Florence and/or in any one of the smaller tuscan towns including the beautiful tuscany countryside

Include a car service if needed

which can be used to move around with your photographer in Florence to take pictures or in the nearby area

Include any extra options

which can be expedient image delivery, black and white image conversion, blog post insertion, exclusive image rights, retrieve RAW picture files and retrieve all JPG picture files

yes but how much does it cost?

Prices & Booking

Sample photo gallery

We love to take pictures! Here is a collection of images taken from some of the photo sessions we have done in the past.  Starting from Rome all the way up to Venice passing through Tuscany and Florence. As well as down south to the Amalfi coast.  By clicking on the picture you will be taken to the Blog post of that specific photo session.

345 Roman Honeymoon

345 Roman Honeymoon

Rome honeymoon couple portrait

001 Rome Coliseum Couple Photo Shoot

001 Rome Coliseum Couple Photo Shoot

Couple photoshoot. Roman Colosseum. Rome, Italy

002 In Love. Trevi fountain

002 In Love. Trevi fountain

Couple kissing. Trevi fountain Engagement photo shoot

003 Vespa Honeymoon Celebration

003 Vespa Honeymoon Celebration

PhotoShoot set up with a vintage Piaggio Vespa. Janiculum hill

005 Trevi fountain proposal

005 Trevi fountain proposal

Surprise wedding proposal. Rome Trevi fountain

004 Walking in Roma

004 Walking in Roma

Couple walking during a Photo Shoot

012 Engaged Silhouette

012 Engaged Silhouette

Roman Coliseum dusk shoot

006 Colosseum proposal

006 Colosseum proposal

Roman Colosseum marriage proposal

010 Rome Engaged

010 Rome Engaged

Image taken at the Orange garden terrace outlook

007 Couple sitting. Trevi fountain

007 Couple sitting. Trevi fountain

Couple portrait picture. Fontana di Trevi

008 Silhouette Rome PhotoShoot

008 Silhouette Rome PhotoShoot

Couple image. Colosseum at dusk


Where will we meet with the photographer?

We can meet directly on your premises or accomodation in Florence or in Tuscany. And start the photo shoot from there. This works if you are staying in the same location where you would like to shoot like Florence or one of the small tuscan towns. If you would like to take pictures in a different location we can either ride together or meet directly on site.

When is the best time to shoot?

The best time to take pictures generally is either in the early morning or in the late afternoon. We often prefer the latter giving us a wider range of picture opportunities. Like wine tasting during the golden hour before sunset. Depending on the length of the session we can also work into the blue hour which can recreate some great light effects. The right time also depends on the time of year of the photo shoot. As well as the chosen location. For Florence midday also works having the sun high enough in the sky to shine through the alleyway streets and squares.

What happens in case of rain?

Couple holding an umbrella at Parco del Pincio during a rainy day in RomeRain is a natural occurrence that one may want to avoid in a photo session. But it can also be turned into an advance at times. Enabling the photographer to get some really nice romantic  photos that are otherwise unattainable. This said if you wish to avoid a rainy day we can reschedule to a mutually agreeable date/time. But we need to make a decision on this at least the day before. This gives us the opportunity to replan our shooting calendar. As we may have a photographer on the road travelling from location to location which we may need to reroute.

Can we receive pictures as soon as possible?

We normally work on a first in first out basis. Where the pictures that our photographers take undergo post production processing done in the studio. So they enter a processing queue. If you wish to speed up the process we can narrow down the delivery time to 2 weeks or earlier. You will need to select the Expedient Image Delivery option found at the end of the booking form.

When and How many pictures will we receive?

How Many? As many photos as we are able to take! Taking out doubles, almost identical shots, undesired out of focus, bad framing, awkward body positions, overly underexposed or overexposed, unplanned eyes closed, etc. Conditions permitting, for a daytime session you may expect a minimum of 50 pictures an hour delivered in digital format inclusive of post production processing. Evening photoshoots may produce a lower number of pictures as the sessions are more time consuming to set up frames in a lower light condition. Approximately 40 photos/hour.
When? As late as 2 months. On average in 1 month. Although we try our best to cut down on the waiting times and try to work efficiently and professionally. If you wish to receive images with the shortest waiting time make sure to include the Expedient Image delivery option found at the end of the booking form module.

What are the payment options?

We accept credit card payments via PayPal and Stripe. Where for Tuscany and Florence photographer session we require full payment to be paid at the moment of booking.

What is the cancellation policy?

Canceling any photo service is possible with a 90% refund if requested by written email at least 2 weeks before the start of the photography service. Canceling after this 2 week period will entail losing 50% of the full payment. Refund is not available when a cancellation request is communicated less than 2 days from the date of the photo session to cover loss of business to uphold your reservation.

Nighttime, Early Morning and Festivities

Nighttime, defined as 1 hr after sunset, and early morning, defined as before sunrise, are subject to +20% overnight work on the photography and/or video session time, as well as any other associated service such as the car service. It is not applied to the Post Processing options except for the Expedient Image Delivery if selected.

Sunset and sunrise times change during the year and are also subject to Daylight Saving Time. Booking sessions also on Festivities such as Christmas, New Years, Easter, August 15th Ferragosto etc are also subject to +20% charge.

The booking system will not be able to take this charge into account at the moment of booking, but will be added on at the moment of confirmation if applicable and if the session is feasible.

Do you shoot weddings?

Yes and we have a specific page for weddings in Florence and the tuscan region: wedding photographer tuscany. This page is centered on couple photography love story photo sessions: anniversary, elopement, engagement, honeymoon or just vacationing together! Looking to take pictures together in casual or formal attire.

Do you take couple pictures in other cities in Italy?

Yes we serve Rome and central Italy, the Amalfi coast and the city of Venice with direct links to the specific page details as follows: Rome photoshoot | Amalfi photoshoot | Venice photoshoot

Any more questions?

Let’s talk about it!

Get in Touch!


My fiancé and I did a 3 hour engagement shoot with Andrea during our vacation in Italy. It was, hands down, the highlight of our trip. Andrea was fantastic to work with: he was charismatic, enthusiastic, and funny, which honestly helped us bring our real selves into the pictures we were taking. We chose to hire the car service as part of our package, which was BRILLIANT.


I worked with Andrea and his staff to have a dream engagement..Gabrielle the photographer was great as well as the videographer and the violinist. I would highly recommend Andrea and his crew! Thanks a million.


Andrea was referred to us by some friends of ours who booked him to take pictures for their anniversary. They were so pleased and shared it as one of their favorite things to do in Italy.


He was very professional in all his business dealings and making the arrangements. At our request, he also did a second evening shoot on very short notice. We could not be happier with the work that he produced. I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs a photographer in Italy. He is a very talented man!! I hope we have the opportunity to work with him again in the future.


Andrea Matone is a superb photographer. He is honest, professional and very personable. Andrea and Marco made a special day truly unforgettable. We thank them both and would highly recommend their services when in Italy. A+ experience

For more reviews and testimonials please visit our Facebook page
Hay bales in a tuscan field

Hay bales in a tuscan field

Cypress trees in early morning fog Tuscany Italy

Cypress trees in early morning fog Tuscany Italy

Have any questions?GET IN TOUCH!

Location support

Selecting the best spots for photo taking. While keeping in mind where the light shines bests. Choosing from some of the most known locations as well as the most intimate locations which makes Tuscany and its surroundings such unique shooting locations

Weather support

As the shooting date approaches we will be on the lookout for the weather forecast. Trying to anticipate any signs of rain where will will get in touch and decide together if you wish to shoot nonetheless, reschedule or relocate to any possibile interior location.

Car service

Include a car service with driver and tour with the photographer Florence and Tuscany in search of the perfect tuscan location as background to couple photo session. the car service will prove useful in reach out to more locations. Enabling you to leave things in the car that you don’t want in the photo session and if you want it can also be used to change!

Post processing options

Make the pictures from the photo shoot session extra special by including some of the post processing image touch up options available such as black and white conversion or expedient imade delivery. You will also find more photography options such as retrieve RAW files and retrieve all JPG picture files. More details on the available options here

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