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Wedding Video

in Rome and throughout Italy

Have your destination wedding in Italy filmed and put together with professional post production editing using the background music of your choice. Our videographers are accustomed to work side by side with our wedding photographers in Rome. Producing a final work of art that will stand the test of time. Sealing your memories for everyone to see; today and tomorrow!

Surprise Proposal Video

Capturing the Faithful YES on camera!

As simple as a mobile phone video recording but shot in Ultra High Definition. Or as complex as a 2 camera film set up running in 4K. Choose to receive just the raw files. Or include editing with music to compose your Love Story video of your wedding proposal in Rome!

Couple Engagement Video

Visiting Rome together

Remembering that special moment when you visited the city of Rome together! Either on vacation or on a romantic elopement. Captured in a unique motion picture film which integrates well with your engagement photo session.

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What are the video resolutions?

Standard Full HD 1080i film format and 4K on request. By hour or full day coverage. Editing with music of your choice. Online cloud delivery. We may also be able to improvise mobile filming on the spot! Yes we ask someone that looks proficient to film the scene! The video on this page was filmed like this!

What are the delivery times?

Full day weddings may take up to 3 months to process. Smaller 1-2 hr sessions such as wedding proposals or couple session can be processed within 1-2 months. We are unable to offer the expedient video delivery on the professional video service at this time. Non professional video is delivered as filmed and the delivery times are the same as for the pictures (up to 1 months or within 2 weeks if the expedient delivery is included).

What is the length of the final film delivery?

Wedding videos may last as long as 30 min with editing and music. We can also prepare a 3-5 min trailer perfect to share as teaser on social media. Engagement sessions are up to 5 minutes in length. Proposal videos are usually in around 3 minutes each with editing and music. For the latter there is the option to retrieve just the raw files with no editing. And for the non professional video shot as is used for the surprise proposals, it usually lasts in around 1 minute.

Do you do shoot with Drones?

Yes we can shoot videos with drones upon request. Please be aware that special city permits need to be process for certain locations. So this is something that would need to be set up in due time before the event. Drone videography is an add on service applicable to weddings, proposals and engagement sessions.

Can the video be included together with the photography?

Yes our videographers are accustomed to work alongside our photographers. This is valid for a surprise proposal, couple photo session or a wedding. Putting video and photo together requires a good deal of teamwork on the part of the operators that are on the field. They must work together to assure that both mediums get the needed amount of time to achieve excellent results. So the session will not be centered only on the photography or the videography but a little of both. Our studio has put together and fine tuned a good collaboration across mediums. Ensuring excellent video and photo results are achieved!

Can we choose our own music?

Yes. We suggest that couple send out a shortlist of 5 songs that they like. Possibly in order of preference. The video editor will take the songs and arrange them to be used within the video film time.

Can we request to have all the RAW unedited video footage from the day?

Yes this option is available. Transferring fees may be applicable on longer session to retrieve all the shot footage. Delivery is through cloud server download.

Recent Photo session with Video service

Superb video I am really happy with it!


Thank you both for being so nice! Love how the video and pictures came out!


The video and pictures they took are beautiful. Could not ask for more!


Any video format

From Full HD 1080i to Ultra High Definition in 60 fps to 4K professional film format. We can also shoot improvised mobile phone recordings in UHD for your wedding proposal.

Fast turnaround

2 weeks to 3 months depending on the selected film mode and event type. Easily delivered through fast and secure cloud transfer.

Post processing

Make a love story film out of the session and include the music of your choice. We will look through all the frames and put together a sequence of images to tell the story of your special day.

English speaking

No language barrier. Mother tongue and bilingual English speaking videographers which integrate well with the other photographers in an International work atmosphere.

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Destination videography service in Rome with weddings, couple and engagement sessions and surprise proposals. Throughout Italy for destination weddings.