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Photograph your wedding proposal in Venice in once in a lifetime images!

Early morning photoshoot for venice proposal

Grand Canal, Venice, Italy

How does it work?

The city of Venice can be the most amazing place to plan your surprise wedding marriage proposal. And it would be great to be able to have it photographed candidly. We can help you make that happen!

Our photo sessions are candid real life proposals. Organized in details ahead of time via email in order to maintain the surprise effect! Trying to minimize the unforeseen events. Meeting with your Venice proposal photographer discreetly and directly on a predetermined location. Exchanging a silent symbol as to not throw off the surprise. Following the proposal photographer to the designated spot to pop the big question! After the photographer has taken position at a discreet distance. In order to photograph the moment whenever you are ready to propose. Check out our portfolio to view sample image of past proposals.

Please find also below an instant price and book form to estimate costs, feasibility and proceed with the reservation.

Putting together a plan for the perfect surprise proposal photography

Exchange emails with us to make the perfect proposal plan. Define a date/time and a location and we will be there ready to take pictures of this once in a lifetime moment in a once in a lifetime location!

Extend the photo session with engagement photography

After the proposal we can continue on to take unique and creative engagement photos around the city of Venice

Have the proposal video recorded

Include just the raw video files or have them put together with professional editing with music to build a romantic love story video

Include any extras

Such as a red rose bouquet or a sparkling wine bottle for an extra special toast!

What is the price?

Sample proposals

Venice is just a fantastic location to ask the faithful question. There are so many beautiful places and fascinating locations with extraordinaries views. Such as Saint Mark’s square, the bridge of sighs. As well as Rialto with unique lagoon views. And a large selection of intimate squares and alleyways. Below you will find a collection of photos with some of the best locations where proposals have been photographed before.  Click on the image thumbnail to view the blog post where the picture was taken from. And learn all about the details of that proposal photo session.

001 Rome Coliseum Couple Photo Shoot

001 Rome Coliseum Couple Photo Shoot

Couple photo shoot at the Roman Colosseum in Rome Italy

002 In Love at the Trevi fountain

002 In Love at the Trevi fountain

Couple kissing at the Trevi during an Engagement photo shoot

003 Vespa Honeymoon Celebration

003 Vespa Honeymoon Celebration

Photo Shoot set up with a vintage Piaggio Vespa at the Janiculum hill

005-Trevi fountain proposal

005-Trevi fountain proposal

Surprise wedding proposal at the Trevi fountain

004 Walking in Rome

004 Walking in Rome

Couple walking in Rome during a Photo Shoot

006 Colosseum proposal

006 Colosseum proposal

Proposing marriage the Roman Colosseum

007 Together at the Trevi fountain

007 Together at the Trevi fountain

Couple portrait picture at the Trevi fountain

008 Silhouette Rome PhotoShoot

008 Silhouette Rome PhotoShoot

Couple image at the Colosseum at dusk

009 Asking the Big question!

009 Asking the Big question!

Asking the Big question in Rome!

344 In Love in Rome

344 In Love in Rome

Love Story Engagement

342 Epic Couple PhotoShoot

342 Epic Couple PhotoShoot

Image taken at the Roman Pantheon

341 Engaged in Florence!

341 Engaged in Florence!

Image taken on Ponte Vecchio

340 Having fun in Rome!

340 Having fun in Rome!

Roman alleyway shot with the Colosseum in the background

338 Positano by the sea

338 Positano by the sea

Amalfi coast couple photo session

Roman alleyway street with the ancient imperial forum in the far backdrop. Rome, Italy

337 Roman alleyway shot

Roman Forum street view

336 Walking in Rome

336 Walking in Rome

Walking in Rome


Is the proposal photography candid?

Yes we try to our best to maintain the spontaneity of the moment by photographing from a distance to keep the element of surprise and intimacy of the proposal moment.

How will we meet with the photographer on the proposal day?

After planning all the surprise wedding proposal details by exchanging emails ahead of time. On the day of the proposal we will meet nearby the chosen location. Exchange a secret signal that only we will know in order to make sure we have recognized each other. Then proceed to the exact spot. And once everything is in place, the moment can unroll and the photography will follow with the pictures from a distance. Hopefully without your partner noticing anything!

Can we have some proposal pictures right away?

Yes. By including the 2 week Expedient Image Delivery option at the moment of booking. You will be able to receive up to 5 photos right then and there, shot as is. And all the photos including post production processing within 2 weeks’ time if not earlier. Where the normally delivery times without selecting this option are approx 1 month. More on the post processing options.

When is the best moment of the day for best pictures?

For a more clear view of the proposal moment, the expressions and all the details of the location; the central daytime hours are best. As there is enough daylight to zoom into the frame to capture all the details. Evening session are more difficult to achieve due to progressive lowering of the light. So the ambience atmosphere can really be nice, but losing a little bit of the details of the moment. The ideal would be to shoot the proposal 1-2 hrs before sunset and then if one wants to achieve more artistic images. The Venice photoshoot can continue with a couple engagement sessions that can aim at shooting this type of photography specifically.

When and How many pictures will I receive?

How Many? As many pictures as we are able to shoot. Filtering out doubles, almost identical, undesired out of focus, bad framing or body positions, overly underexposed or overexposed, unplanned eyes closed. If conditions permit, a daytime session can produce up to 60 photos/hour, delivered digitally with post processing. Evening session produce a lower picture count due to the more time consuming light conditions. Approximately 40 photos/hour.
When? Up to 2 months depending on the current first in first out workflow. On average approx. 1 month. If you wish to receive everything as fast as possible than we suggest including a 2 week or earlier delivery by selecting Expedient Image delivery at the moment of booking.

What happens in case of rain?

Couple holding an umbrella at Parco del Pincio during a rainy day in RomeIt can be romantic to take pictures in the rain. Especially when turned into black and white images. As the photos usually have a lot of contrast. However, if one does not want to shoot in the rain. Or if it is simply raining too hard. Rescheduling to a mutually agreeable date/time can be done provided that the request for a reschedule or cancellation for rain is sent in at least 1 day before the start of the proposal photography. If it is not possible to reschedule for rain 90% of the deposit payment will be returned to you.

What are the payment options?

In order to book and reserve an advance payment of 30% is needed payable by credit card through PayPal or Stripe. The balance payment is payable in EURO cash to the photographer on the day at the end of service or by PayPal +6% payment transfer fee on the day or on a later date and before final image delivery.

Nighttime, Early Morning and Festivities

Nighttime sessions defined as 1 hr after sunset and early morning sessions defined as before sunrise are subject to +20% overnight work applied on the photographer and/or videographer photo shoot time. It is not applied to the Post Processing options except if the Expedient Image Delivery is selected.

Sunset and sunrise times change throughout the year and are also subject to Daylight Saving Time. Booking a photo shot on Festivities such as Christmas, New Years, Easter, August 15th Ferragosto etc are also subject to +20% charge.

The booking system will not be able to take this charge into account at the moment of booking, but will be added on at the moment of confirmation if applicable.

Do you photograph proposals also in other Italian cities?

Yes we can set up surprise proposal photography sessions in Rome, the capital of Italy where there are dozens of great historical locations to choose from as background. We also take unique and breathless Amalfi coast wedding proposals with magnificent coast town seaside views. As well as spectacular proposal in Tuscany in between ancient medieval town and the beautiful tuscan countryside.

Any more questions?

Let’s talk about it!

Get in Touch!


We decided to elope in Italy and knew no vendors personally overseas. I found Andrea on Google and liked his style. We booked him from Miami without meeting and we could not have been happier. Aside from Andrea being committed to taking photos you will love, he was also incredibly patient and genuinely kind.


I've worked with many photographers for both personal and professional reasons for years, and Andrea was a genuine pleasure to work with. He was fast to respond, competitively priced, super friendly, and sent us our photos before we even finished our trip. We were on our honeymoon and really wanted to capture it for memories, and Andrea did not disappoint.


We can not say enough good things about Andrea and his photography. My girlfriend became my fiance in Rome and we could not have captured this moment without the help of Andrea and his beautiful photos. He was very professional from start to finish, he contacted me immediately after the booking and let me know the details of the photoshoot and what to expect. The day of the shoot everything was set up as our communication via whatsapp with our photographer Gabrielle was flawless!


I had such a great experience hiring Andrea to photograph my surprise proposal to my then-girlfriend, now-fiancée! The ordering process was effortless and easy too. Andrea was such a professional and is really talented at what he does. I was very impressed with how well he planned every detail out, even suggesting a slightly different time from my initial order request, so that the light would be perfect and the shadows from the nearby trees wouldn’t affect the pictures!


I couldn't not have asked for an easier way to organize a surprise proposal abroad. On top of it all, our pictures and video came out better than we could have imagined. After having selecting the what I would like as part of the proposal package, Andrea was quick to reply and explain how the event would take place. He suggested a few ways to get a hold of him which made communication easy. On the day of the event, the car we had requested through his service was very prompt, clean, and the driver friendly. Everything was followed according to plan, and Andrea captured the moment perfectly. Andrea and Nico (videographer) were funny, friendly, and made the photo session very enjoyable. I would recommend Andrea's photography service again and again. I was more than happy with the whole experience!

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Venetian alleyways

Venetian alleyways. Venice, Italy

Bridge of Sighs in Venice Italy

Bridge of Sighs. Ponte dei Sospiri. Venice, Italy.

Gondala details. Gondoliers in Venice

Gondola detail. Venice, Italy

Custom Plan your Venice Proposal TodayTELL US ABOUT IT!

We’ll help you set it up

By finding the right spot with the better light and the best background to photograph your proposal. From the most beautiful and well known venetian locations to the most intimate alleyways and squares that no one knows about. Fixing an appointment in order to meet at the right place and at the right time. To immortalize your proposal in fantastic pictures in Italy.

Weather support

We keep an eye out for the weather report to check if rain is in the forecast. If we see chances of rain we will contact you to decide what to do. Reschedule or relocate to a covered location to decide together. Our proposal photographers are available through online instant messaging to keep updated on the latest changes. Let’s make it happen. Rain or shine!

Engagement photo session

Continue on the Venice photoshoot with an couple photo session.  Starting from the proposal location and continuing on foot to reach all the amazing places Venice has to offer. Guided by a professional Venice photographer. Producing stunning images of your unique Italian engagement.

Great tips included

Receive from the local venetian photographer all the great tips that can make this moment extra special. Where to dine out in the best places to celebrate the engagement. From a characteristic local taverna or restaurant to a beautiful view over the gran cal or lagoon. Keeping you updated on any special local event happening on the day.

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