Amalfi Coast Proposal


Amalfi Sorrento Positano Capri. Your Amalfi Coast proposal in beautiful pictures!

View of the Amalfi coast from the water

The town of Amalfi

Positano surprise wedding proposal on the beach

Positano, Italy

Surprise wedding proposal from Ravello in the Amalfi coast Italy

Terrace of Infinity, Ravello, Italy

How does it work?

Organizing the perfect surprise proposal is no easy task.. especially when trying to maintain the element of surprise.  Travelling to a faraway place makes it even more challenging. But we are here to help and to make it work!

We try to minimize the uncertainty by preplanning all the details via email ahead of time. Choosing the date, the time and the perfect spot to ask the big question! Our photographers will be ready to candidly photograph the moment from a distance to capture the moment without spoiling the intimacy. You will have exchanged pictures and details with the photographer ahead of time. Once you meet with the photographer you will exchange a silent symbol as to not throw away the surprise effect. And follow him to the predetermined spot. From there on the photographer will be ready to photograph whenever you are ready to propose. And after the proposal continue your photo session with an engagement photoshoot in the beautiful Amalfi coast.

Please find below an instant quote form to have an estimation of the costs and feasibility. It can also be used to proceed with the booking if you wish to reserve.

Setting up the surprise proposal photography

Choose the date, time and length of the photo session to cover your surprise proposal. Extend the time if you want to continue with an engagement photo session in around the area

Pre plan all the details via email

Fix all the details of the photo session with our staff and on the day of the proposal the photographer will be ready to take the memorable pictures

+Photo Retouching

The session photos will include our exclusive +photo retouching processing to best optimize your pictures

Include extras

Include any additional services like expedient image delivery to receive some pictures right then and there to share with friends and family and all the photos within two weeks or earlier

What is the price?

Sample Proposals

There are many great locations for an Amalfi Coast proposal. From seaside spots, right on the beach, with the town in the background. To hotel terraces with really unique views over the seascape. Positano, Sorrento Amalfi itself and Ravello all have these great scenery. We can choose a place together and then it is a matter of being in the right place at the right time. Please find below an image collection showing some of the proposal we have photographed in Italy from the past. These pictures are taken from real life sample Proposals photographed throughout Italy and are visible on the wedding proposal section of our Blog.

345 Roman Honeymoon

345 Roman Honeymoon

Rome honeymoon couple portrait

001 Rome Coliseum Couple Photo Shoot

001 Rome Coliseum Couple Photo Shoot

Couple photoshoot. Roman Colosseum. Rome, Italy

002 In Love. Trevi fountain

002 In Love. Trevi fountain

Couple kissing. Trevi fountain Engagement photo shoot

003 Vespa Honeymoon Celebration

003 Vespa Honeymoon Celebration

PhotoShoot set up with a vintage Piaggio Vespa. Janiculum hill

005 Trevi fountain proposal

005 Trevi fountain proposal

Surprise wedding proposal. Rome Trevi fountain

004 Walking in Roma

004 Walking in Roma

Couple walking during a Photo Shoot

012 Engaged Silhouette

012 Engaged Silhouette

Roman Coliseum dusk shoot

006 Colosseum proposal

006 Colosseum proposal

Roman Colosseum marriage proposal

010 Rome Engaged

010 Rome Engaged

Image taken at the Orange garden terrace outlook

007 Couple sitting. Trevi fountain

007 Couple sitting. Trevi fountain

Couple portrait picture. Fontana di Trevi

008 Silhouette Rome PhotoShoot

008 Silhouette Rome PhotoShoot

Couple image. Colosseum at dusk

009 Asking the Big question!

009 Asking the Big question!

Asking the Big question!

344 Roman romance

344 Roman romance

Love Story Engagement

342 Epic Couple PhotoShoot

342 Epic Couple PhotoShoot

Roman Pantheon photography

341 Engaged in Florence!

341 Engaged in Florence!

Image taken on Ponte Vecchio

340 Having fun in the Eternal city!

340 Having fun in the Eternal city!

Roman alleyway shot with the Colosseum in the background


How will I meet with the photographer without letting it be known?

In the pre planning phase which will happen via email after booking. We will have defined all the details of the surprise Amalfi Coast proposal photography session. Including exchanging pictures to be able to recognize each other. And whatsapp numbers with the photographer if we need to communicate last minute information. Then once we meet we will exchange a silent symbol to make sure we have recognized each other. And proceed as planned. You propose and we will take pictures of it hopefully without giving away the surprise!

Can I receive a few photos right then and there to share with with friends and family?

Yes. By selecting the Expedient Image delivery option at the moment of booking. You will receive 3-5 pictures by day’s end in low resolution shot as is with no post processing. Then Before 2 weeks you will receive all the pictures with +Photo Retouching image enhancement in low and high resolution.  If you are not in a rush to receive the pictures the standard delivery time is approx 1 month from the date of the wedding proposal.

Is it best to to shoot in the evening or in the daytime?

For your Amalfi Coast proposal, shooting during daytime allows to capture images which are better lit than evening session. Making the expression of the moment clearly more visible. As well as the surroundings.
Shooting in the evening may create more artistic pictures. Exchanging a picture more centered on the expression with photos that may be more intense in colors especially at sunset or dusk. Nonetheless a light source will be needed to make the picture at night work. So we will need to set the proposal up next to a light source which can be any available street light. Or the light coming from a building or structure.
Daytime session normally will produce more pictures than evening or nighttime sessions. Allowing the photographer to take more photo variants in the daytime light. Where night session may produce less images but more rewarding if you are going for a more artistic approach.

When and How many pictures will I receive?

How Many? We normally put down a minimum daytime picture count by session length. 30 min proposal receives a minimum of 40 pictures. 1 hr proposal 50 pictures. 1.5 hr proposal 75 pictures and a 2 hr proposal 125 pictures. But in essence this is a minimum count. Often we deliver all we shoot. Taking out out doubles, or almost identical pictures, undesired out of focus, missed framing, undesired body positions, overly underexposed or excessively overexposed, unwanted closed eyes. Evening session generate a lower image count as the shooting time is less frequent due to the low lighting conditions.
When? As late as 1 month. But on average often less than that. We work on a first in first out basis to edit and post produce the images. If you wish to receive pictures on a priority basis. Then please include the expedient image delivery option at the moment of booking. Allowing you receive a bunch of pictures tight then and there on the day of the proposal . And all the pictures with Photo Retouching image enhancement within 2 weeks or earlier.

What happens in case of rain?

Couple holding an umbrella at Parco del Pincio during a rainy day in RomeRain is a natural occurrence that may prevent the surprise Amalfi Coast proposal to run as scheduled. Or how we had imagined it would take place. It could also be an opportunity to play the proposal by ear and make it extra romantic! The choice is yours. If you wish to reschedule to avoid a rainy day we will do all we can to adjust our schedule accordingly. We do kindly ask you to let us know at least 24 hrs before the start of the session. As to avoid having the photographer head over to the Amalfi Coast proposal location in vain. If the surprise wedding proposal session cannot be rescheduled to a mutually agreeable date/time we believe in granting full refund -100€ for the time our staff invested in planning the session. All these details and more are contained the terms and conditions at the end of the above booking form above.

What are the payment options?

For proposal photo sessions set up on the Amalfi coast or nearby town or islands such as Capri, we require full payment a the moment of booking either via paypal or stripe direct debit credit card payment.

Nighttime, Early Morning and Festivities

Nighttime (defined as 1 hr after sunset) and early morning (defined as before sunrise) are subject to +20% late night work fee. Applicable only on the photographer time and not on the selected posts processing options. The extra charges are not automatically applied at the moment of booking and will be revised by our staff via email.

Sunset and sunrise times change during the year and are also subject to Daylight Saving Time. Booking sessions also on Festivities such as Christmas, New Years, Easter, August 15th Ferragosto etc are also subject to +20% charge.

Can you set proposal photography elsewhere in Italy?

Yes aside from a scenic and beautiful Amalfi coast proposal, we can also set unique and creative surprise proposal photography in Rome Italy’s capital city. One of the most beautiful location to ask the faithful question. As well as an incredibly romantic Venice proposal in one of the most suggestive and ancient cities in Italy.

Any more questions?

Let’s talk about it!

Get in Touch!


I worked with Andrea and his staff to have a dream engagement at the fountain of Trevi come true for my son and his fiancée. He was accommodating, through and precise. He made all the arrangements for us even though is was Ferragosto in Italy and he had to try even harder to make everything work. Gabrielle the photographer was great as well as the videographer and the violinist. I would highly recommend Andrea and his crew! Thanks a million.


Andrea is an incredible photographer, second to none. Back in April, Andrea captured my surprise proposal to my fiancée on a terrace overlooking St. Peter’s, and we could not have asked for more beautiful photos of the moment. It truly looks like something out of a movie, almost too good to be true! Not only that, but Andrea kindly rescheduled when it was slated to rain on the day I originally planned to propose. Andrea is the best engagement photographer in Rome, and was a pleasure to work with. I would recommend him without hesitation!


I couldn't not have asked for an easier way to organize a surprise proposal abroad. On top of it all, our pictures and video came out better than we could have imagined. After having selecting the what I would like as part of the proposal package, Andrea was quick to reply and explain how the event would take place. He suggested a few ways to get a hold of him which made communication easy. On the day of the event, the car we had requested through his service was very prompt, clean, and the driver friendly. Everything was followed according to plan, and Andrea captured the moment perfectly. Andrea and Nico (videographer) were funny, friendly, and made the photo session very enjoyable. I would recommend Andrea's photography service again and again. I was more than happy with the whole experience!


Andrea provided everything I could’ve asked for and more! The photos are amazing, and he took a lot of the stress out of a surprise proposal - providing the car service, roses and a violinist making the moment perfect!

Andrea adapted when I asked to change things and was quick to respond to last minute changes

I could’nt of asked for more! Amazing service, great photographer!


Incredibly happy with how the photos turned out from Andrea, not to mention that we received our photos within a few days after taking them! The whole experience went very smooth, from communications through email and phone to the entire proposal shots. Would highly recommend Andrea for anyone visiting Italy for a surprise proposal!!

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The mediterranean sea on the Amalfi coast

Positano balcony view from a nearby terrace

Oranges on a tree

Custom Plan your Proposal TodayTELL US ABOUT IT!

Full set up support

We will help you setup the perfect Amalfi coast proposal. With Positano, Amalfi, Sorrento and Ravello being among the nicest spots to plan out a proposal and to record it with photography. We can select together the right location. Also taking into consideration your accommodation as a possible location for it if it has a nice view. Then take a walk with our photographers to discover the most scenic local spots for the perfect engagement pictures!

Weather support

A few days before the day we will be on a look out for the weather forecast to check if there will be any issues with possible rain. Planning for a contingency plan in case needed. Available to reschedule or relocate to a different place if need be. Our photographers can be reached via whatsapp instant messaging for last minute updates.  Let’s make it happen. Rain or shine!

Engagement photo session

Continue on the Amalfi photoshoot with an engagement session.  Starting from the Amalfi Coast proposal location. By foot or with the help of a car service with driver or taxi. Visit all the best spots guided by a professional photographer. And bring home unique, romantic and creative engagement pictures of your proposal in Italy. Other available couple photo sessions: Rome photoshoot, Tuscany and Florence photographer sessions, as well as Venice photoshoot sessions.

Local tips included

available to make this day extra special! Ranging from a local restaurant with a beautiful view overlooking the sweeping seaside. We can interface with the local staff to help setting up the perfect table with the perfect view. Or any other service that can make the event memorable. Connecting travelers with a true local photographic experience of Italy.