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Positano Terrace Proposal

Positano Terrace Proposal

There’s nothing quite like proposing marriage on the Amalfi coast! On a secluded terrace perched high above the picturesque town of Positano. With panoramic views stretching out to the sparkling waters of Spiaggia Grande. As the sun begins to set, casting a golden hue over the Amalfi Coast, our couple arrives at the private terrace. Nervous excitement fills the air as the proposer takes a deep breath, ready to take the plunge. With the town twinkling below and the gentle sound of the waves in the distance, he drops to one knee and present the ring. Her eyes widen in joyful surprise! For a moment, time seems to stand still as they take in the breathtaking scene.

The faithful YES was followed by a lot of Joy and Happiness. Then it was time to celebrate with a toast of Italian prosecco sparkling wine. Together with a mix of fresh fruits to recover from the sun and heat. Before descending into town and embarking on a fun and romantic engagement photoshoot in Positano!

A Mediterranean pine tree in the forefront with the town of Positano in the far distance- Picture taken from Praiano Positano terrace proposal

The sea under the bright blue sky Just engaged on the Amalfi coast

Celebrating with a bottle of prosecco Italian sparkling wine after a Positano Terrace Proposal

Engagement ring photography in the forefront

Picture of the engagement ring photographed against the beach of Positano after a beautiful Proposal

Terrace photoshoot after a proposal in Positano Italy

Taking fun and happy engagement pictures on Spiaggia Grande in Positano terrace proposal

Walking on the Positano beach

Engagement Photos

After the Positano Terrace Proposal, we moved over to Spiaggia Grande for the engagement photos. Taking pictures on the beach and shooting against the sun and the golden light. With the vertical town provide a picturesque backdrop. The candid shots are pure gold – genuine smiles, spontaneous moments, and the beautiful beach and town as the backdrop.

Marina Grande

Next, we made our way to Marina Grande. This area is bustling with life, and the colorful boats make for a vibrant setting. Where we had just a short moment to take some snapshots of the beachfront. Before turning our attention to the other side of the pier. Which has a phenomenal view of the Saracen tower in the background. This is where we took some nice smiling and laughing portrait shots.

Coastal passageway

Finally, we wandered on a small passageway that connects Spiaggia Grande to Spiaggia Piccola. Where we took out last set up of pictures overlooking the seaside cliff.

Couple portrait picture snapped in front of the vertical town in the background

Couple engagement photography on the Amalfi coast in Italy

Coast picture of the sea

Hillside passageway photography that connects the two beaches

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Time of the year: mid May
Time of day: Afternoon 4:00 pm
Duration: 2 hr Positano Terrace Proposal with rose petals on the ground followed by unique and creative engagement photos on the beach and environs
Locations: Positano Italy
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Curated imagery by the Andrea Matone photographer Italy also available as wedding photographer on the Amalfi coast or across the peninsula with unique and creative Positano Terrace Proposal photoshoots!

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Proposal photos in Positano
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Proposal photos in Positano
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