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Positano Photographer

Couple Engagement Anniversary Honeymoon Vacation

We are an Italian photography studio passionate about couple lifestyle photography. Experienced in producing Unique and Creative vacation photography to remember your visit in Positano and the Amalfi coast in a stunning once in a lifetime Amalfi photoshoot.

Sorrento Photographer session. Couple sitting down on the rocks surrounded by crystalline emerald green blue water all around

Fun and Romantic Positano Photographer session. Amalfi photoshoot.

How does it work?

The Amalfi coast is a spectacular place to take outstanding couple photos. There are some many picturesque scenery which make for the perfect backdrop. And we have now made it easy for you to get the pictures you are looking for. Presenting a simple immediate price quotation which can be adjusted according to preference.

Enabling you to custom design the Amalfi photoshoot to perfection. Choose from a 1 hr Positano Photographer session on the Amalfi coast. Or extend the Positano photographer session to also include other locations such as Sorrento and the island of Capri. Conclude your booking by selecting from the many post processing options available!

Andrea came down from Rome to Positano & took some amazing & memorable honeymoon photos at our hotel Covo dei Saraceni! He was professional, reliable, fun and innovative as we utilized our 5 star hotel views from our terrace and pool area and the vicinity on the beach, pier and other advantageous photo sites.


What can you expect from the photoshoot?

Feeling at ease with the locations and the language. In order to capture the true essence of Italy as background to your couple photography portraits. Put together a romantic love story made up of faithful pictures in some of the most breathtaking views in southern Italy.

With stylish and unique picture frame compositions the beautiful and splendor of this land. Going for posed portraits. But also fun and playful snapshots. All of this as we walk around the old town city center. Below by the water and the beach. Above with spectacular sweepings views. As well as during a wine toast or a taste of gelato! Creative once in a lifetime images in a one in a lifetime location. Check out our Amalfi Coast Photographer section for proposals photography and the Amalfi coast Wedding Photographer section for wedding photography!

What time should we shoot?

The best time for an Amalfi photoshoot is either at sunset or at sunrise. But shooting on the Amalfi coast, Positano in particular, is tricky. Because the sun goes behind mountains well before sunset time. So if you wait to shoot for sunset you may find yourself shooting in shaded light.

Which is not the best lighting condition for a typical summertime beach couple photo session. To get the best results in this area. It is best to take pictures from the morning and in summertime up until 5:00 pm. In wintertime up to 3:00 pm. This is mainly for the beach pictures. For Amalfi town pics the time is not so important.

Shooting at sunset or sunrise

The above is our recommendation to achieve the best daytime light for an Amalfi photoshoot. However one can begin or conclude the photo session before or after these times to achieve more artistic images such as silhouettes with bright vivid colors. Where on the blue hour, which is the time after sun has set, the sky is full of bright vivid blue colors. Sorrento photo shoots follow the same idea as the photoshoots in Amalfi.


What can we do prepare for the photo session?

Looking at couple photography pictures helps. To see poses, portraits, stance. How and where to stand. Where to put your hands! We could start by looking at our couple photo session board in our pinterest account to see some sample photos we have taken in the past. Also to get a sense of the effect that can be achieved.

And get inspiration to find a pose you like that we can use in different settings. If you have a pinterest account you can pin some of the picture you like and send them over so that we can work on those images as inspiration for the couple Amalfi photoshoot or for Positano vacation photographer sessions.

Do you have any tips as to what to wear?

The Amalfi coast is a popular southern Italy holiday destination with steep cliffs and rocky shorelines scattered with narrow beaches and pastel colored fishing towns. Up above you have large villas, terraced vineyards and cliff side lemon groves. And all around the azure color of the sea.

So I would favor pastel color dresses for the girls. Red, blue, green, yellow. White linen clothing for the guys to withstand the heat and to play well in all the bright sunlight of your Amalfi photoshoot.

What if it rains?

Rescheduling for rain is possible provided that the request is send in by email at least 24 hrs before the photo shoot start. If it is not possible to reschedule for rain then the studio will return 90% payment minus any expenses the studio had to endure to secure the photography session. A few days prior to the photo session we will be on lookout for bad weather. And should rain be forecasted, we will contact you ahead of time to decide together what to do.

Apart from the rain. Sometimes a cloudy sky condition make for some great photo opportunities. Sure a clear blue sky is looks great in pictures. But an overcast day can highlight other elements which work well in photography like contrast. Making the photography more dramatic and poetic. An excellent opportunity to turn pictures into black and white for a fantastic photographic effect.

When does the photo session start? When we meet or when we shoot?

The Amalfi photoshoot begins when you meet with the assigned photographer.
Where we can discuss the details of the photo session. What are your expectations and what you are looking for. Heading over to the first photo shoot location together. Probably on foot but also possibly by car or taxi service.

Are travelling times to reach the different coastal town accounted for in our photography times? Yes once the photographer has engaged the session the times continues through the session whether we are shooting or travelling.

Can we change clothing during the session?

Including more than one attire during the session is possible. And it is also nice to see different clothing set which can add dynamism to the Amalfi photoshoot. If your accommodation is nearby this may be also convenient. Alternatively we can use a restroom for change. But I think going back for a quick change should not take too much time.

How does payment work?

The payment structures for Amalfi coast photo shoots is full payment at the moment of booking. Prices are visible on our instant price quote page which can also be used to move forward with the booking. Allowing you to reserve a date/time slot for the photo session. The terms and and conditions to read about the cancellation and refund policies may be found at the end of the form before submission.

How do we get the photos?

Amalfi photoshoot pictures are delivered online as digital files through cloud server. Delivery times are normally in around 1 month from the date of the photo shoot. Unless expedient image delivery is selected which will decrease the delivery times to within 2 weeks. Once the pictures are ready we will send you a download link. Which will enable you to download the high and low resolution files which will include post production processing. As well as all the printing rights.

Please note that the photos will not be able to remain online indefinitely. But only for the time needed to transfer them. This time is set at 2 weeks from when you will receive the download link. Extendable to longer if needed. So please it is important to take ownership of the images once you receive the link!

What is the 'Retrieve All Picture file' option?

If you include the retrieve all picture file in the post processing options. With your 50 pictures/hr inclusive of post production processing, all the other shot pictures in high resolution with no post processing. Please read the FAQ section of the Italy PhotoShoot FAQ section.
Let’s do an example taking a 2 hr couple photo session as sample. Let’s say the photographer shot 252 photos. We selected 150 photos for post processing touch up (yes the 50 pictures/hr count is a minimum number of receivable pictures).
If there are more deliverable pictures we are more than happy to include them with processing included in the price. By selecting the ‘Retrieve all pictures file’ option you will also receive all the shot pictures that is the 252 photo files shot as is with no post processing.

Does the black and white option come with the color pictures as well?

Yes the black and white conversion is an add on option that comes together with the color picture equivalents.

Do the pictures that we will receive for a 1 hr photo session include photo retouch?

Yes all the pictures we deliver include post processing touchup. The retouching that work that we do includes fixing the picture frame if it needed. We improve and optimize light, color and contrast. Fixing the white balance if needed. We try to make the picture focus sharper. However it does not include changing a person appearance in any way. Altering a person shape. Adding or removing objects or people.

What is the best time to shoot?

Best photo spots Amalfi coast. Often we imagine that shooting at sunset is best. But this may not be case for all locations. Sometimes the sun may be setting behind a cliff or a hill creating large shadow areas which are ideal to get the best colors out of the picture. Good lighting result depend on how the light shines in a certain spot. Generally if I had to choose a time frame however. I would normally select 1-2 hours before sunset to get the best soft golden hour light.

How long before we get the photos?

We work on a first in first out basis. So depending on the season. It may take up to 1 month to receive the photos. But if you wish to move thing much faster. You can select the expedient image delivery option. Which includes a 5 picture selection to be received right then and there within the day’s end in low resolution shot as is with no post processing. With all the photos delivered within 2 weeks if not earlier in both high and low resolution with +photo retouching service.

Can we take couple photos in any other part in Italy?

Yes we are also more than happy to offer: Rome photoshootVenice photoshoot sessions. Photographer Sorrento. Positano Vacation photographer. As well as Tuscany and Florence photographer sessions.

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