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Gondola Proposal in Venice

By 6 June 2022January 29th, 2024Proposal, Venice

Gondola Wedding Proposal in Venice

What a truly spectacular and romantic wedding marriage proposal in Venice Italy. Photographed from inside the gondola after passing through the Rialto bridge while navigating on Canal Grande. A truly remarkable moment followed by a lot of joy and happiness! Which carried us through all the way back to the gondola docks. Shooting some great couple pictures before and some engagement pictures after on the way back. Once back on land we continued with an engagement photo session in around Piazza San Marco. With beautiful nice golden light shining in. The issue was trying to avoid crowds as much as possible and I think we did a pretty good job in minimizing the impact.

First we took some nice couple Venice photographer pictures in around Venice’s Piazza San Marco. Taking pictures as we walked under the porticos. Leading to Caffè Florian, one of the oldest café in Venice and perhaps in the world as it dates back to the 1700s! The we made our way to the water edge taking some nice couple portraits on the gondola piers with the open sea in the background. Then attempting to take some photos with Ponte dei Sospiri in the background which did come out good notwithstanding the large crowds!

We then headed to the Rialto bridge to take some some pictures of it from different angle views playing with the sunsetting golden light. The search for light guided our last set of photos. Trying to wait for the right moment to shoot this really nice pictures near Campo San Giacomo di Rialto. It was a Saturday so there were always people walking past and from. But with a little bit of patience we got the shot.
We concluded the photo shoot in search of the last rays of light which we found near the Rialto Market which made for some remarkable final portrait images!

On a Gondola Ride passing through smaller canals under Venetian bridges

Gondola Proposal in Venice with the Rialto bridge in the background while navigating on Canal Grande

Surprised by a wedding proposal on a gondola ride in Venice's Grand Canal and Rialto bridge as backdrop

The she said yes moment to a gondola proposal in Venice Italy

Much surprise and joy after being asked for marriage in one of the most romantic cities: Venice proposal on a gondola

Looking at the engagement ring while riding on a gondola after a surprise proposal in Venice

Riding under a bridge on a gondola

Kissing in Venice Italy on a gondola ride on Canal Grande after a romantic proposal

Taking engagement pictures underneath the Florian caffè one of the oldest Venetian caffè

Picture taking under the venetian porticos

Portrait picture on a boat jetty near Piazza San Marco with the open sea in the background

Kissing in front of Ponte dei Sospiri in the city of Venice ItalyPosed shot taken on an alleyway as light starts ti diminishCouple portrait picture taken on the Rialto bridge and Canal Grande water canal as backdropCouple posed underneath porticos during a photoshoot in Venice Italy

Posing a bridge over a smaller canal. Photo taken from a distancePortrait picture taken in front of the Rialto bridgeWalking together on a jetty in front of Ponte Rialto and next to docked boatsFinal portrait picture of a couple standing on a staircase with the sun setting in the background


Time of the year: end of May
Time of day: midday 4:30 pm
Services: 1 hour Gondola Proposal in Venice with a 2 hour engagement photo session
Location: Gondola ride, Piazza San Marco, Ponte dei Sospiri, Rialto bridge and market
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Gondola Proposal in Venice Italy
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Gondola Proposal in Venice Italy
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