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Surprise Proposal in Positano

By 7 September 2019November 27th, 2022Amalfi Coast, Couple, Positano, Proposal

Asking the Big question!

In one of Italy’s most scenic beaches on the Amalfi coast. With the spectacular sea town view of Positano in the background. A perfectly executed wedding proposal one knee down in the sand. And with the sound of water waves. After much joy and happiness we introduced ourselves. And after catching breath! We continued onward with a unique and creative engagement photoshoot. Taking photos at a nearby fishermen’s boat docked on the beach. And of the beautiful engagement ring!

Then we turned back and headed to Marina grande where we found some truly spectacular views to use as backdrops. Introducing the element of water in the picture frames. Shooting on a small rock staircase which enabled us to take pictures from a higher ground. Then we turned around the promontory to reach Marina piccola. Finding some more breathtaking views to shoot along the way. Ultimately reaching the smaller beach in Positano where we concluded the photo session with some final couple portrait pictures!

Knee down wedding marriage proposal on the beach of Positano in Italy's Amalfi coast

She said yes picture after the beach proposal

Close up of the engagement ring posed in front of the Positano ceramic map

Walking together holding hands with a characteristic boat in the background and the hill town

Couple posing while sitting down in the center of town

Standing on top of the stairs holding hands and looking back at the camera during an engagement photoshoot in PositanoCouple posing during photoshoot in PositanoSitting next to each other and in front of the Marina seaside view of Positano beach

Couple portrait picture facial close up smiling and looking backPortrait sitting down next to one another on the Amalfi coast in ItalyIn ;Love on the Amalfi coast photography session


Time of the year: September
Time of day: midday 12:45 pm
Duration: 1.5 hr session
Location: Positano
Curated imagery by the AM photography studio
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Popping the BIG question on the Amalfi coast
Article Name
Popping the BIG question on the Amalfi coast
Asking the Big question in the town of Positano. Then on a beautiful and scenic walk around the area to capture some unique and creative couple engagement pictures
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