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Vineyard Wedding Proposal in Tuscany

By 5 June 2022Tuscany

Vineyard Wedding Proposal in Tuscany


Viticcio winery and farmhouse

This beautiful Tuscan proposal was set up by a white wood rocking chair found in the Viticcio farmhouse. A beautiful location which looks like a framed picture with a typical Tuscany scenery in the background. The photographer arrived a little earlier to set up the location and make sure it was accessible. And also to gather some locations photos of the most characteristic spots.
When the couple arrived by a private car transfer, we exchange a silent signal to make sure we had recognized each other. Then we headed to the spot for the faithful question. Which was welcomed with a lot of joy and happiness. So that’s how the love photo story started in Tuscany! After making acquaintance we started taking some engagement pictures. Certainly while walking in the vineyard and then looking around for other great spots to take pictures. Which wasn’t difficult as the Viticcio estate has so many great spots for photography.
Then we moved over by the swimming pool which we photographed with cypress trees and the typical Tuscany rolling hills in the far distance. Then continuing our walk in the vineyard in search for other great engagement pictures in Tuscany. But it couldn’t be a winery photoshoot without some great photos of the colorful red wine twirling around in a glass. Ending the photo session with some pictures of the beautiful engagement ring!

Tuscany countryside with beautiful rolling hills and distant medieval towns with vineyards everywhereVineyard Wedding Proposal in Tuscany photographed during a photo session in a local Country farm Couple walking together and holding hands in a scenic vineyard Couple posing next to a wooden barrel in a typical winery in Tuscany ItalyPortrait of a couple together posing in front of the row vineyard where beautiful red roses were placedRed wine close up twirling in a wine glass. Image taken during a wine tour in Tuscany ItalyWalking among the rows of vineyards while taking some great couple photographyEngagement ring close up in focus with the couple out of focus in the background

Cypress trees all lined up in a row so typical to see in Italy's Tuscan countrysideThe she said yes moment photographed in the Tuscany countryside Couple kissing in Tuscany during an engagement photo shootCoupe photography taken next to a swimming in Tuscany during an engagement photo sessionTypical Tuscan Couple Photography taken with vineyards and cypress trees in the background under a beautiful blue sky Coupe toasting and celebrating their engagement with red wine tasting Posed image of a couple together photographed in front of a gate and Tuscan towns in the backdropHolding hands while wearing the newly placed engagement ring


Time of the year: June
Time of day: morning 10:30 am
Duration: 1.5 hr photography session with expedient image delivery
Locations: Il Viticcio
Curated imagery by the A. Matone photography studio. Check out the Portfolio for more lifestyle photography. Start here to learn more about our proposal session in AmalfiVenice or Tuscany. For prices and bookings please Click here

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Just Engaged in Tuscany Italy!
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Just Engaged in Tuscany Italy!
What a Fantastic Engagement photo session in Tuscany Italy. Following a Romantic Proposal Candidly Photographed from a Distance. Unique and Creative Lifestyle Photography for the Travelling Couple
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