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Engagement photos in Florence

Piazza del Duomo

After an amazing Rome couple photoshoot, we met again in Tuscany to continue this unique and romantic love story photo session with a couple photoshoot in Florence! What an amazing day and great memories immortalized in unforgettable pictures! But let’s wind back to the beginning. Meeting underneath the beautiful Cathedral Santa Maria del Fiore found in the enchanting Piazza del Duomo. Where we began shooting trying to find prestige angles. Although the high number of bystanders can really make it challenging to get a nice clear photograph. But with the help of my trusted photography assistant we were able to pull it off! Receiving some great help with lights and logistic support! Not to mention a fun and photogenic couple with a a stunningly beautiful bouquet of 50 red roses. Roses which were used to ask the big question! Surprising her fiance with a surprise wedding proposal the night before in an exclusive location in Florence. So we continued to celebrate this wonderful occasion!

Couple standing and holding hands in front of Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence Italy

Sideway pose in Piazza del Duomo in the city of Florence

Engagement photo session posing a dip right in front of a large massive wooden door side entrance to the Duomo Cathedral

Portrait picture taken underneath the statue of Davide in Piazza della Signoria

Forehead to forehead pose sideway image with the Florence statue of Neptune in the background

Walking from Palazzo Vecchio to Ponte Vecchio

The walk to reach Piazza della Signoria was short and sweet. And there we found so many amazing statues and locations to take some great portrait pictures. Like the amazing statue of Davide by Michelangelo. Or the beautiful fountain of Neptune. Just amazing locations perfect to frame picture memories of Tuscany Italy. Then after passing through Piazzale degli Uffizi we reached the river and the scenic porticos where we stopped to take some snapshots.  Where in just a small area, we found so many different photos ideas. Capturing some stunning portraits over the river Arno which represent the perfect memory of this wonderful couple photoshoot in Florence!

Couple kissing just engaged over the Arno river with Ponte Vecchio bridge in the far distance

Couple posing shot taken underneath the lungarno porticos

Engagement ring photo taken in Florence on Ponte vecchio over the Arno river with a beautiful bouquet of red roses in a box

Couple pick me up ride piggyback ride

Engagement couple photoshoot in Florence over the Arno river in Italy


Time of the year: November
Time of day: Early afternoon
Duration: 1.5 hr photography session as part of a 2 day couple photoshoot which started in Rome
Locations: Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore and Piazza del Duomo | Palazzo Vecchio and Piazza della Signoria | Ponte Vecchio and the Arno river
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Engaged in Florence Italy
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Engaged in Florence Italy
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