Rome Couple Photoshoot

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A Fun and Romantic view over Rome

Castel Sant’Angelo

What an outstanding photoshoot in Rome! Heading into the city by car and choosing Castel Sant’Angelo as our first photo shoot location. Starting on the center of the bridge; framing the Castle in the background with the angel statues looking in  from the sides. Then we were illuminated by the idea of a solo fashion mini shoot in front of one our favorite statues in the bridge. A picture which could very well pose to be the cover of a fashion magazine! Then we headed down to the Tiber river water side to continue with our Rome Couple Photoshoot. Perfectly framing the castle, the bridge and the river while illuminating the scene with the aid of external flash lighting.

Piazza del Campidoglio

Was our next stop. A must include location to give the photography session the ancient roman look! With a one of a kind view over the Roman Forum from various terraces. As well as wide and scenic staircases. Where to enact different posing ideas. Beautiful white marble roman statues to use as backdrops. And colonnade with suggestive lighting shining in from the sides creating interesting light contrasts.


Shooting first by cobblestone alleyways which looked into this large and massive monument in the background. Taking different pictures while walking around and being fun and romantic. Then we circled around the landmark and headed to a nearby hill. Which has a fantastic view over! And where we were able to photograph different style portraits. Ranging from dynamic couple portraits. To more artistic silhouette photographs. As well as some happy and fun solo portraits!

Couple posing for a picture taken on top of the Castello Sant'Angelo ponte bridge with the angel statues on either sidePosed image of a couple photographed under campidoglio portico with lead away columns Standing underneath the Castel Sant'Angelo castle and bridge taking portrait photosWalking down steps together with different level geometrical compositional elements Together in Rome standing in front of the ancient Rome ruins of the imperial forum Walking while kissing at the Roman Coliseum Couple portrait image taken underneath ancient white marble roman statue Silhouette photo of a couple kissing hand. Chivalry gesture in Rome's Coliseum

Colo Fashion photography pictures female model posing during a photoshotHands touching at Ponte S. Angelo castle Engagement portrait taken before Saint Peter's cathedral dome in the far background Standing on top of a large staircase posing for a photograph during a Rome couple photoshoot Together in Rome to be engaged by the Coliseum Having fun during a photo session in the ancient city of Rome Italy Together in Rome photo session at the Roman Colosseum overlooking the ancient monument as well as the roman forum Relaxing at the ancient Forum in Rome Italy


Time of the year: November
Time of day: morning session 10:00 am to 1:00 pm
Duration: 3 hr Rome Couple Photoshoot with 4 hr car service
LocationCastel Sant’Angelo | Capitoline hill piazza del Campidoglio with a view over the roman forum | Colosseo
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Taking pictures together in Rome Italy
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Taking pictures together in Rome Italy
An unforgettable photo session around Rome's most beautiful and scenic locations
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