Rome Elopement Wedding

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Destination Wedding in Italy

Eloping in Italy to get married is a truly romantic once in a lifetime moment! Setting up the wedding function in the Villa Borghese gardens at the beautiful Temple of Diana. Where the wedding celebrant was waiting for us to arrive. The wedding ceremony was short and sweet. Only interrupted by the villa borghese train ride! To the bewilderment of the tourist that passed by. But the moment was touching and heartfelt. Followed by a lot of joy and happiness which carried us through the bride and groom photoshoot in Rome. So we hopped on our car and headed for the Trevi fountain!

Starting at the matrimonial ceremony at the Diana Temple in the beautiful Rome's park of Villa BorgheseI pronounce you married and you may kiss the bride!Newlywed couple kissing in front of the Trevi fountain

Temple of Diana where the Rome Elopement Wedding took placeKissing the bride just after marriageThe dip posing and kissing for a picture in Rome's Trevi fountain

Exchanging the wedding rings during the private ceremony in ItalyJust married in Rome ItalyGroom picking up the bride to celebrate marriage in Rome Italy

Bride and groom photography

Shooting at the Trevi fountain is never easy. As the place can really be crowded. But this time I don’t think the bride and groom even noticed there was anybody there! So captivated by each other’s company. That the pictures were coming out great effortlessly! So next we swung over to the nearby Spanish steps to continue with some more nice portraits. After shooting at the bottom of the steps and at the Barcaccia water fountain. We encountered some rain which did not have us worried. Lasting shortly, just the time to reach the Roman Colosseum.

Where we continued with some more spectacular couple photos taken on a nearby hill overlooking this iconic monument from a distance. After taking a wide range of different photos we walked to the other side of the Coliseum. By passing through the Colosseo subway station. Where we also took some nice bride and groom photos! With the car waiting for us on the other side to take us to Piazza del Campidoglio.

Bride and groom kissing before the barcaccia water fountain found at the bottom of Roma Piazza di Spagna

Wedding photoshoot at the Spanish steps in front of the fountain and the staircase

Wedding Photographer session in Rome ItalyTaking pictures of the groom and bride by the ColiseumGroom picking up the bride in front of the ColiseumPortrait picture while the couple admires the roman forumPortrait picture of the newlywed couple on a large set of stairs under roman light postGroom drinking from a water fountain Kissing underneath a large white marble roman statue at Piazza del CampidoglioReaching out to hold each other's hand during a photo shoot

Newlyweds taking photos at the Roman Colosseum during a photo shootHaving fun during your wedding photo session at the Colosseum in Rome ItalyBride & Groom walking the ancient Rome cobble stones streetsPicture taking on top of the Piazza del Campidoglio staircase posed at the entranceWalking down the stairs togetherBride walking underneath water fountain ripplePosing together before the roman forum viewed from the above capitoline hillBride and groom portrait at the Pantheon

Toasting with sparkling wine

Piazza del Campidoglio offered so many different great spots to shoot! Starting of course from the one and only view over the Roman Forum. Using the ancient city temples ad remains as truly unique backdrops. Then we made way towards this very large staircase where we took some really nice portrait shots. Both posed and in motion. Shooting also at a nearby white marble statue and underneath portico columns which had some great light shining through. Not to mention some fun photos at a drinking water fountain before reaching the other side of the Roman Forum!

Then we had to dig in for all our energy left to reach two more locations. The Roman Pantheon which was overly crowded but we managed to sneak in some shots where there aren’t so many people in the picture frame. And Piazza Navona which provided 3 different water fountain to shoot from! Our last stop was to make a great toast with some Italian prosecco wine!

Portrait photo at the bottom of the four river fountainCelebrating with a wedding toastDrinking Italian sparkling wine

Time of the year: September
Time of day: 3:00 pm in the afternoon
Services: 4 hr wedding photography with celebrant service and chauffeured car service
Officiant: Just get Married in Italy
Transport: WheretoRome
Location: Villa Borghese | Temple of Diana | Trevi fountain | Piazza di Spagna | Roman Coliseum | Piazza del Campidoglio | Roman Forum | Roman Pantheon | Piazza Navona
Curated imagery by the Andrea Matone photography studio
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Celebrating by popping open a fresh Italian sparking wine bottleBride posed next to an iron elevator in nice natural lightProsecco time


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Rome Elopement Wedding
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