Rome Wedding Couple Photo Shoot

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An early morning in Rome

The Eternal city shows all of its splendor in the early hours of the day. Away from the visiting crowds with beautiful soft warm light low on the horizon. Choosing the right time is essential to balance nice lighting with the least crowds. And so we met not too far from the Colosseum where we first started our wedding couple photo shoot in Rome. Using an iconic tree stump as a pedestal to take some really unique wedding photos in Italy. With sunlight rising on the far right of the frame. Then we walked towards the front entrance of the Coliseum. To have the opportunity to shoot some more bride and groom pictures from a different angle and perspective.

Our next stop was Piazza di Spagna. So we hopped in the car and were there in little or no time as the streets were deserted. The Spanish steps were also empty and we were able to shoot essentially all by ourselves. Taking some really nice photos and keeping the black and white processing in mind during the shooting phase to obtain the best effects in post production. After capturing a good range of photos we drove onward toward Parco del Pincio. Setting up the shoot by the belvedere marble terrace with a spectacular view of Saint Peter’s dome in the far distance. And all of Rome slowing waking up..

Newlyweds portrait standing on an ancient rock in front of the iconic Colosseum monument

Bride and groom kissing shot during a Wedding Photography Service in Rome Italy Black and white wedding photography conversion

Black & White image of a couple in wedding attire posing on Rome's Spanish stepsTogether in Rome photo taken at the bottom of the Spanish steps by the Barcaccia water fountain

Close up portrait of the groom standing next to the bride during a photo session in Piazza di Spagna staircaseCouple image resting forehead to forehead in front of the barcaccia water fountain

Belvedere overlook from Pincio terrace overlook over the city of Rome in Italy

Wedding kissing picture before the roman skyline during a photohoot

Wedding photographer session in Rome Italy Black and white picture conversion of a photo shoot

Couple holding hands with their wedding rings

Ring close up in b&w


Time of the year: August
Time of day: 6:30 am early morning
Duration: 1.5 hr session with car service
Location: Roman Coliseum | Piazza di Spagna | Parco del Pincio in Villa Borghese park
Curated imagery by the Andrea Matone photography studio
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Bride & Groom Photo Session
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Bride & Groom Photo Session
Couple photoshoot in wedding attire in some of Rome's most scenic and panoramic locations
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