Elopement Wedding in Positano

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Bride and Groom photography

What a spectacular day this was to shoot in the town of Positano on the Amalfi coast! The day was very bright and sunny. Although a little hot at times, it provided the perfect photographic conditions to shoot some really unforgettable wedding photos in the Amalfi coast. Starting on the boardwalk next to the beach and water with the beautiful town in the background. And the sun shining sideways from the horizon. Pictures coming out just stunningly with with a little bit of fill light provided by a remote flash set on the other side of the couple. Then after gathering some more images in around this area. We turned around the town, heading towards the marina to get a different scenic background.

Bride and groom posing together on the boardwalk beach of the town of Positano in the heart of the Amalfi coast. Image by the Andrea Matone photographer studio

Black and white couple wedding photo on the Italian Amalfi riviera

The Amalfi coast

Just around the corner we found a spectacular setting to continue our wedding couple photo session. Steep cliffs diving into azure and emerald green waters. With distant towns and seaside towers. As well as the perfect rock staircase to elevate the picture frame for a perfect composition! So in very little tight space we were able to gather a wide range of awesome photos! And although the colors are just amazing here. Some of the pictures also looked great in black and white. Especially the image of the beautiful bride and her white wedding dress framed against the contrast of the rock formations.

Bridal dress photographed on a beach like environment with the sea in the background during a couple photoshotPosed image of being together during a matrimonial photo session in a Mediterranean Italian settingNewlyweds standing next to each other while taking pictures together

Amalfi coast wedding photoshoot by the Andrea Matone photography studio. Photo taken on the Positano beach side marinaBridal dress photography in black and white photographed against the rocksCouple just married taking pictures on a wooden jetty in the middle of the sea with the horizon in the background

Marina piccola and the town

We continued this amazing photo shoot on the other side of town in the small beaches of Marina piccola. Where we also had the opportunity to shoot on a small wooden dock. Pointing the camera into the beautiful Mediterranean water horizon. As well as towards the colorful beach side resort. Then after taking a drink break and resting a little bit! We continued onward back into the town of Positano to take some more pictures in the streets and alleyways. Underneath the majestic Church of Santa Maria Assunta. And near typical local stores and shops!

Walking up and down stairs during a wedding photoshoot in Italy

Just married couple posing on the steps of a Cathedral church Elopement Wedding in Positano

Town photographs of a couple marriage photo session


Time of the year: September
Time of day: 3:00 pm
Duration: 3 hr session
Location: Positano
Curated imagery by the A. Matone Amalfi photographer studio. Check out the Portfolio for more lifestyle photography. Start here to learn more about our sessions. Click here for Surprise Wedding proposal on the Amalfi coast or to find out Prices and Bookings in Italy

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Popping the BIG question on the Amalfi coast
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