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From the Trevi fountain to the Colosseum

What an incredible honeymoon photo shoot in Rome! Meeting at the Trevi fountain in the early morning to take some nice couple portraits. Even if the fountain was fenced off for the coin collection which happens unscheduled from time to time. Creating an opportunity out of an impediment! As we were able to shoot with virtually no one around in the background. Then we started our nice walk first heading to the Roman Forum. Passing by some really nice spots to take pictures along the way. Including the Galleria Alberto Sordi shopping mall which has a truly fantastic renaissance ceiling.

Then we turned on Via del Corso heading straight for Piazza del Campidoglio. Which offers a very wide variety of great photo opportunities. Columns, marble statues and scenic staircases. Not to mention the one of a kind view over the Roman Forum from above. Then after swinging over to the other side of the Imperial forum. We took some last couple picture portraits before heading out to the Roman Colosseum. Once there we circled around it to find some nice and unique angles on this massive monument. Including some really nice silhouette snapshots from a distance!

Posed together portrait at Fontana di Trevi

Couple together posing in front of the statues of the Trevi fountain in Rome Italy

Galleria Alberto Sordi photoshoot hanging out at the entrane in between columnsKissing in ancient Rome. Photo shoot taking place in Piazza del Campidoglio with a unique view over the ancient temple columns

Closeup couple portrait standing inside Galleria ColonnaUnique and creative imagery of being together on a honeymoon in Rome Italy

Artistic and exclusive photography on a large and scenic staircase in Campidoglio square

Sitting down image while visiting the city and hanging out and having fun visitingPosed photo honeymooning photography at the Roman Colosseum

Couple kissing underneath Arch of Septimius SeverusArtistic silhouette photography at the Roman Coliseum. Honeymoon Photo Shoot in Rome


Time of the year: July
Time of day: Early morning 8:30 am
Duration: 2 hr walking
Location: Trevi | Galleria Colonna | Roman Forum | Colosseum
Curated imagery by the Andrea Matone photography studio
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Honeymoon in Rome
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Honeymoon in Rome
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