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From the Vatican to the Colosseum

What a fun and enjoyable photo session around Rome’s most scenic locations. To celebrate honeymoon in Italy! So we began the couple photoshoot by going to Saint Peter’s square in the Vatican. Where we took some initial portraits under the massive columns that surround the large square. We then made our way inside the square taking pictures by one of the large side fountains. The perfect backdrop to get cooled off from the heat! Then moving over to the cathedral to capture our last shots.

Then we hopped back in the car and headed to the Roman Colosseum to complete the photo shoot in Rome’s most iconic location. The Colosseum. Climbing on top of a small hill that has a really unique view over this ancient monument!

Portrait posing under the large columns in Saint Peter's square in the Vatican Rome Italy

Sitting down on the edge of a water fountain in the Vatican

Posing underneath Saint Peter BasilicaHoneymoon photography at the roman Colosseum

Couple portrait taken in front of the Swiss guardsDestination honeymoon photo session at the roman Coliseum in Rome Italy

Couple admiring the Coliseum from a distance


Time of the year: June
Time of day: Mid afternoon 4-5 pm
Duration: 1 hr session with car service
Location: Saint Peter in the Vatican | Colosseum
Curated imagery by the Andrea Matone photography studio
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Honeymoon in Italy
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Honeymoon in Italy
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