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Rome Destination Wedding

By 13 June 2019February 1st, 2020Rome, Wedding

Getting married in Rome!

A beautiful wedding day which started with the bride and groom hotel preparations at the Splendid Royale Hotel in  Rome. Taking pictures as the bride was finishing up with the hair and makeup session. With some beautiful daytime light shining through from the window. Alternating the photography coverage with the groom which was also getting ready down the hall.  Then completing the bridal preparation with the closing of the wedding dress.

Heading out by car service to the beautiful Church Santa Maria in Aracoeli. Where access was not so straight forward as the city was getting ready for the parade celebrating the Italian Republic. So we had to walk many steps before reaching the church up on the Capitoline hill. But once we entered, the church view was magnificent!

Beauty image. Bride facial close up during the hair makeup session wedding preparationGroom portrait standing full view in front of the hotel room windowPutting on the wedding dress. b&w image photographyPutting on the veil as the final touch of the nuptial preparation

Groom getting ready for marriage in front of the mirror. Image in black and whiteBridal preparation image. Bride sitting down on a chair by the window. Photography taken from the hallBridesmaids helping closing the bride's wedding dressExiting the hotel room to head out to the wedding ceremony

Church Santa Maria in Aracoeli

Anyone stepping in inside this church easily remains overwhelmed by the architectural beauty! The many hanging chandeliers, the light and the history. The perfect setting for this beautiful wedding to be. Where the bride was escorted by her father to the church altar. To start the the Catholic Marriage ceremony. Which was both intimate and heartfelt. To the amazement of the visiting bystanders.

Then after the exchange of the wedding rings. They were finally united in marriage! Exiting the church hand in hand surrounded by lots of joy and happiness! Continuing on with a beautiful bride and groom photography session in Rome at the nearby Roman Colosseum.

Rome's Church Santa Maria in Aracoeli indoor view arcade Black & White image of Church Santa Maria in Aracoeli in Rome

Bride walking down the church hall to reach the altar

Groom looking at the bride as she walks up the hall

The exchange of the rings during the wedding celebrationBride and groom exiting church hall

You may kiss the brideNewlyweds walking together out of the church and descending the steps of church Santa Maria in Aracoeli in black and white

The Roman Colosseum and reception

We headed for a nice and quiet spot overlooking Rome’s Roman Colosseum from a distance. A more quiet and intimate place where we could shoot some nice bride and groom shots. Getting different angles and perspectives of this unique and iconic landmark. Then we headed back to the Hotel for the reception. On a beautiful terrace with a one of a kind view over Saint Peter’s cathedral in the far distance. Ending the photography session with the traditional cutting of the cake surrounded and celebrated by friends and families!

Newlyweds portrait overlooking the city of Rome in the distance Black n white image conversion as newlyweds stand before the roman skyline in the far distance

Groom and bride photo session at the Roman Colosseum in Rome Italy

Standing in the far distance in front of the Colosseum Rome Destination Wedding

Wedding family portrait taken indoor at hotel splendid

The view from Mirabelle restaurant

Groom portrait sitting down smiling

Bride portrait indoor restaurant

Food photography in plate

Wedding reception at Mirabelle

Bringing out the wedding cake on the table before all the guests

Bride and groom cutting the wedding cake at the end of the day


Time of the year: May
Time of day: morning / afternoon
Duration: half day photography
Photography: Andrea Matone destination weddings
Post processing:
Andrea Matone image retouching
Hair and makeup: Janita
Car service: WheretoRome
Locations: Hotel Splendid | Church Santa Maria in Aracoeli | Roman Colosseum | Mirabelle restaurant 
Curated imagery by the Andrea Matone photography studio
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Getting married in Rome Italy
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Getting married in Rome Italy
A beautiful destination wedding celebrated in the city of Rome photographed from the preparations through the ceremony and newlywed photoshoot up to the wedding reception
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