Rome Colosseum Proposal

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Asking the BIG question!

In one of Rome’s most amazing and iconic locations! An incredibly beautiful surprise wedding proposal perfectly set up to take place in the early morning. As the sun was just rising above the horizon. Right in front of the Roman Coliseum. Just waiting for just the right moment to drop to one knee to ask the question. Among early morning photographers all waiting with their tripods for the right light to photograph this incredibile monument.

But we were there for a different reason! And almost out of the blue this once in a lifetime moment took place! With lots of great surprise! Followed by even more joy and happiness! Then after catching breath a little bit from the great shock! We continued on a nice Couple PhotoShoot in around the area. Walking just a little further down to take some nice couple portraits in front of Arch of Constantine. And a little higher climbing on a small hill to reach a very scenic spot. Taking pictures on a large tree trunk overlooking the Colosseum from above. Our session then concluded on the other side of the landmark with some final portrait pictures from a different prospective!

Asking the BIG question Marriage wedding proposal at the Roman Colosseum in the early morning

She said yes vertical image of joySitting down engagement photo session in front of Rome's most iconic monument

Couple portrait picture standing before the arch of Constantine in Rome ItalyPosed photography just engaged at the roman coliseum


Time of the year: September
Time of day: Early morning 7:15 am
Duration: 0.5 hr photography
Location: Colosseum
Curated imagery by the Andrea Matone photography studio
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Rome Surprise Proposal
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Rome Surprise Proposal
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