Amalfi Couple Photo Session

By 27 July 2019September 7th, 2019Amalfi, Couple

In the Beautiful Town of Amalfi

This was a fun and casual couple photo session in the scenic town of Amalfi. Starting with courtesy of Lido delle Sirene beach resort where we first began the session. Taking photos right on the beach while walking along side the water. With the help of my trusted assistant which is both a light expert as well as a motivational coach! Then moving over to the nearby rocks to get some nice portrait photos on the Marina itself. As well as from far away on the beach using a long focal length lens. While shooting, the photographer was overwhelmed by a freak wave which covered him from head to toe! (The photographer was however able to save the camera equipment by lifting it in the sky!)

Couple walking on the beautiful beaches of the Amalfi coast during a photography session

Distance image of a couple kissing while standing on the beach marina of AmalfiCouple posing together for a casual photo shoot in the Italian riviera

Portrait image posed before the Mediterranean sea

Photo session posing by the sea waterPicking up girlfriend for a photography sessionPortrait image hanging out together on the Italian coast town

Unique and Creative Amalfi Couple Photo Session in Italy

Kissing under the Cathedral of Amalfi found in Piazza del Duomo in Italy

Taking pictures leaning on each other under beautiful architectural columns

Facing out the window from the Church Cathedral

Cathedral side view portrait

Marina Grande and the Cathedral

Then we ran for quick change of clothing and returned for some awesome photos at the Marina Grande port docks. Getting some great shots with the town in the background and the lead away lines into the far distance. Photographing some fun and romantic moments! Then moving over to the next jetty photographed in this case from the beach with some zoomed in photos. Concluding the photo session with some final pictures taken at the Amalfi Cathedral which was simply majestic. A medieval Roman Catholic cathedral found in Amalfi’s Piazza del Duomo. With beautiful ancient columns and great lighting shining from the facing facade. With some final portrait pictures taken while looking out from the side column windows!


Time of the year: July
Time of day: Mid afternoon 3:30 pm
Duration: 1.5 hr session
Location: Amalfi | Lido delle Sirene | Marina Grande | Piazza del Duomo Amalfi Cathedral
Curated imagery by Andrea Matone photography studio
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Photo shooting in Amalfi
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Photo shooting in Amalfi
A casual and fun couple photo session on the seaside town of Amalfi surrounded by crystal clear emerald green water and unique architecture in the background
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