Destination Couple Photoshoot in Rome

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From the Trevi to ancient Rome

Meeting directly at Fontana di Trevi on an early morning. To begin this once in a lifetime couple photoshoot in Rome! Choosing this truly outstanding location to begin our shooting. The access to the fountain however was blocked off as personnel from the city of Rome were undergoing the coin pick up removal with some cleaning and maintenance activities. But what may seem like an impediment turned out to have some advantages. Yes you cannot access the border of the fountain. But when you shoot from up above, you don’t have anyone in the background!

So after shooting different angles of the fountain. We hopped back in the car to head over to Piazza del Campidoglio. Where we continued to capture some truly stunning photos with the ancient roman forum in the background. Adding to the session also some scenic photos taken on a wide staircase and under a large marble roman statue.

Our last stop was the Roman Colosseum which we couldn’t miss as this is one of the most iconic image of Rome. We started by taking some nice photos of just walking around Rome. Shot in this suggestive and typical roman alleyway with this truly amazing background. Then we headed over to the terrace overlooking the Colosseum. To shoot our last portrait set!

Watching the Trevi fountain from above couple looking in

Posed on a wide staircase leaning on the wall framed picture of an engagement with light pole above

Posed photoshoot portrait standing in front of the Roman Forum. Destination Couple Photoshoot in Rome

Holding hands together and standing underneath the staircase entrance of Campidoglio in Rome Italy

Walking picture of a couple leading while photographed underneath a large marble roman statueWaling in the street of Rome while on a couple photo shoot

Sitting in the middle of the roman forum during a photoshoot portrait sessionSitting down portrait before the Roman Colosseum


Time of the year: September
Time of day: morning session 9:00 am
Duration: 1.5 hr photo session with 2.5 hr car service
Location: Trevi | Capitoline hill piazza del Campidoglio with a view over the roman forum | Colosseo
Curated imagery by the Andrea Matone photography studio
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Taking photos together while visiting Rome
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Taking photos together while visiting Rome
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