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Renewing Wedding Vows in Rome

Wedding Anniversary Photography

Bride and Groom preparations

At the luxurious Rome Cavalieri Waldorf Astoria, a sense of anticipation filled the air as the bride and groom prepared for their special day. The groom, dressed in a sharp suit, was the first to be ready. Meeting with the Rome wedding photographer in the hotel lobby. And starting this one of a kind Rome photoshoot by taking some groom shots in the beautiful hotel hall and outdoor garden. Together with some still photography of the amazing anniversary ring!

When the bride arrived, she was a vision of elegance, with her gown shimmering as she moved across the room. The hotel’s opulent surroundings provided the perfect backdrop for capturing moments of quiet intimacy before heading to the Temple of Diana to renew vows. The hotel’s grandeur and sophistication mirrored the couple’s own love story, adding a touch of timeless elegance to the beginning of their day of wedding anniversary.

Bride portrait photography while standing to an ancient clock found in the hotel hall

Anniversary ring close up photo taken from above while resting on an antique Italian table top

The groom taking a portrait picture during a wedding photoshoot to celebrate anniversary in Rome Italy

Bride and groom reunited in the wedding gown and suit taking a portrait picture together in a luxurious hotel in Rome Italy

Groom escorting the bride up the stairs leading to the hotel hall to begin their photography session in Rome Italy

Groom solo shot standing by the statue of a lion found in the rear garden of the hotel

Bride letting her veil flow in the air while taking wedding photography in Rome Italy

A Timeless Promise Renewed

A Roman Vow Renewal at the Temple of Diana

As the ancient stones of the Temple of Diana in Rome echoed with whispers of promises made long ago, a new chapter unfolded for a couple deeply in love. Against the backdrop of history and the embrace of time, they stood, ready to reaffirm their commitment with a private vow renewal ceremony. In the heart of Rome, where history and romance intertwine, a new ring gleamed in the sunlight, symbolizing a love that had endured and grown stronger with each passing year.

After the solemn vows had been exchanged, it was time to capture the magic of the moment against the breathtaking backdrop of Rome! A hired car awaited, ready to whisk the couple away on a journey through the winding streets and iconic landmarks of the Eternal City!

The moment in which he gave her a new anniversary wedding ring for their vow renewal ceremony. Renewing Wedding Vows in Rome

Taking a selfie picture with the new wedding ring

Newlyweds just renewed marriage and taking pictures at the Temple of Diana in Rome Italy

Bridal facial photo with the wedding bouquet and the anniversary ring resting on the groom shoulderCouple wedding photography in Rome taken in from of ancient statues found at the Roman Forum

Just married in Rome and taking wedding photos together in a Roman churchRome Wedding photography taken at the Roman Forum overlooking ancient roman ruins

Taking pictures in Rome

From the majestic Colosseum to the charming cobblestone streets of Rome, each location became a canvas for their love story, immortalized in the lens of our Rome photographer capturing their joy and connection. The laughter, the stolen glances, and the tender embraces—all woven together to create a tapestry of memories that would be cherished for a lifetime.

Our first stop was Basilica di Santa Maria in Aracoeli with its amazing staircase leading up to it. And where the photographer was able to shoot some nice bride and groom shots with the amazing ancient roman remains in the background. Together with a beautiful wedding couple portrait inside the church in the main hall. Then we stepped into the Roman Forum to photograph the essence of ancient Rome. Taking wedding pictures with a sweeping view of the ancient remains in the background. Including an amazing roman marble statue used in the picture frame.

This couldn’t be a wedding photoshoot in Rome without a stop at the Roman Colosseum! Which we captured on a nearby hill with an amazing view of the ancient landmark from a distance far from the main crowds. Lastly we went to the Janiculum hill which has an amazing water fountain as well as a stunning view over the city. This is where we took out last destination wedding photos.

Ultimately grabbing a fantastic gelato ice cream on our way back to the Hotel! Where we took some final outdoor shots including a fun picture of heart shaped hands!

Wedding couple taking pictures underneath a roman marble statue

Kissing at the Roman Colosseum during a matrimony photoshoot in Rome

Groom and bride looking at each other before the stunning view of the Vatican church dome of Saint Peter's cathedral in the far distance

Standing on a marble bench photographed in front of the amazing skyline view of the Eternal city

Couple portrait picture taken during a wedding photoshoot in Rome Italy. Standing on the edge of the Fontanone water fountain on the Janiculum hill

Couple portrait picture taken at the end of the wedding photography session

Newlyweds making a heart shaped hands gesture at the end of their Rome photo shoot in Italy


Time of the year: February
Time of day: 11:00 am to 5:00 pm
Service: Renewing Wedding Vows in Rome | Italy Photographer service with Hair and Makeup and Car service courtesy of WheretoRome
Wedding preparations: Rome Cavalieri Waldorf Astoria Hotel 
Vow renewal ceremony: Temple of Diana in Villa Borghese 

Curated Italian Wedding Photography by the Andrea Matone photography studio with weddings in Tivoli | Rome Ariccia | Gaeta | Positano | Pisa

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Wedding Vow renewal in Rome Italy
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Wedding Vow renewal in Rome Italy
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