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Rome Wedding PhotoShoot

By 22 September 2023January 30th, 2024Colosseum, Forum, Pincio, Rome, Trevi, Vatican

Taking Bride & Groom Photos in Rome

At the Trevi fountain

Starting in the early AM to get some wedding portraits at the beautiful Trevi fountain. Where the light had to still arise and when the bystanders were minimal. So together with the photographer in Rome were able to get some nice snapshots by the water edge and in around the sides. With the fountain all to ourselves. Or almost! Then hopping into a car to get to the next spot!

Parco del Pincio

Reaching the beautiful Villa Borghese park and where people here were definitely still asleep! With the expectation of some early morning runners. Passing by to take some quick selfies by this beautiful terrace. Made of marble railing with a phenomenal view over Piazza del Popolo right below and Saint Peter’s basilica in the far distance. So we began the Rome photoshoot with some awesome shots in perfect sunrise soft and warm light. Overlooking the Roman skyline. Then turning our attention on the side to frame Mediterranean pine trees which as so typical of the Rome and central Italy area.  And just before returning to the car. Stopping to shoot by this peculiar tree which was all entangled with itself and made for a perfect portrait picture!

Rome Wedding photoshoot at the Trevi fountain

couple portrait taken by an entangled tree in the roman city

Sitting down by a marble railing during a rome photoshoot with Mediterranean pine trees in the background

Wedding bride and groom posed in front of Saint Peter's basilica facade in Rome Italy

Bridal car entering the vehicle while groom is holding the door

Posing wedding portrait couple under the Vatican's colonnade in St. Peter's square

Rome Wedding PhotoShoot. Saint Peter’s Square in the Vatican

The car service brought across the Tiber river over to the Vatican. Leaving us by St. Peter’s square. Where we admired the view of Saint Peter’s Cathedral up close. And continued on with our Rome Wedding PhotoShoot. Taking here some initial portraits right under this impressive building! Making our way to one of the major water fountains found in the square. Where we shot some nice posed portraits with not so many people around. Ultimately making way under the massive colonnade where we took some phenomenal pictures!  With the large columns all around. Creating such a unique geometrical effect!

Piazza del Campidoglio with a view over the Forum

We hopped back into the car which took us again across the river to Piazza del Campidoglio. A square which has a truly remarkable view over the Roman Forum and the ancient city of Rome! Finding here so many different typical Rome Wedding bride and groom wedding photography photo opportunities. As this is the square where civil wedding ceremonies take place in Rome. So we started with the incredible view over the ancient city of Rome and the ancient Roman Forum. As well as some more artistic shots taken on a nearby large and scenic staircase! Including ancient roman statues and marble columns, roman arches and different porticos!

Close up photo of bride and groom at ancient Rome during a photoshoot of the ir wedding

Groom and Bride walking hand in hand down the steps of Piazza del Campidoglio. Rome, Italy

Beautiful morning picture of a wedding couple posing in front of the Rome skyline at the Pincio park terrace in Rome

Taking wedding photos bby one of the main water fountain found in San Peter's square in Rome Italy

Artistic wedding photography of a wedding couple taking pictures in Rome

Posing for a marriage picture of a couple just married in Rome at Campidoglio

Looking at the ancient city of Rome from above Campidoglio square with a view over the Roman Forum

The Roman Colosseum

Leaving the Colosseum as the last location of this wonderful Rome Wedding PhotoShoot! Including two different photoshoot locations. The first, an off the beaten track spot on a cobblestone alleyway with an incredible backdrop view of the Colosseum. Where we took some nice bride and groom walking shots. Stopping motion to take some awesome portraits. Then jumping back in the car to reach the second Colosseum location. A hillside view over the Coliseum which a magnificent view of the massive monument as whole!

Portrait picture of a couple together under large Rome marble columns

Rome wedding photography at the Roman Forum photographed from above

Wedding in Rome. Couple walking hand in hand with the Roman Colosseum in the backdrop


Time of the year: early September
Time of day: 7:30 am in the early morning to beat the crowds!
Services: 3 hour Rome Wedding PhotoShoot with car service courtesy of WheretoRome
Location: Trevi fountain, Parco del Pincio on the Pincian Hill, Saint Peter’s square, Piazza del Campidoglio with unique view over the Roman Forum, Roman Colosseum
Curated imagery and post processing image enhancement by the A. Matone photographer studio.

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Rome Wedding PhotoShoot
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Rome Wedding PhotoShoot
A Beautiful PhotoShoot in Rome with a wonderful Bride and Groom couple moving around some of Rome's most scenic monuments by car
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