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Pre Wedding Photos in Rome

Taking Wedding Pictures in Rome!

The Trevi fountain

We started this wonderful Rome wedding photographer session in the morning. And we were so lucky to have found such nice weather. Which does help in bringing out the colors in photography! Especially on the Spanish steps which were embellished with beautiful flowers to celebrate Spring! But going in order of sequence. We began taking pre Wedding Photos in Rome‘s most scenic location: the Trevi fountain. Which wasn’t excessively crowded. Arriving just at the right time to benefit from nice golden morning light shining through. Going too early in the morning, finds the fountain still in the shade and that doesn’t provide the best lighting conditions. Sunshine has a way to bring out the colors and this is essential to get vivid looking pictures!

The Spanish Steps

We have no words to describe how beautiful we found the Spanish steps staircase to be. Embellished with hundreds of bright colorful flowers. Traditionally white to match the “White of the Spanish Steps” and lilac. All in bloom with the flowering of the purple azaleas which were mainly located at the bottom of the staircase. So we walked among these beautiful flowers taking unique and creative pictures. Trying to find the perfect pose. While trying to fit in the low rays of sunshine shining through the city. Obtaining in some cases a really nice photographic effect which brought out the true essence of a pre wedding photoshoot in Rome

Rome pre wedding photos taken at the Trevi fountain Sitting down on the streets of Rome Italy and finding the most scenic background for wedding photos in RomeThe dip pose while shooting a wedding couple at Rome's Trevi fountain

Bride and groom standing at the bottom of the Spanish steps with all the flowers while posing for a wedding photoshootBride and groom standing on top of the Spanish steps with church Trinita' dei Monti in the background Standing at the bottom of the Ara Coeli Staircase while taking wedding photos in the morning

Parco del Pincio

The next logical location was the Pincio Park terrace. Which is located just a little further down the road. With the help of a hired car with driver courtesy of WheretoRome, essential to easily get in and out of shooting locations in wedding attire. The light here also played a big part in getting nice early morning shots with the city of Rome in the background. Including some unique photos of the dome of Saint Peter’s in the far distance. Framed in with the water reflection on a puddle from the previous rainy days.

The Roman Colosseum

Our last photo shooting location was the Colosseum. Which stood beautifully with all its glory. And again we found just the right pocket of light to bring out some really fascinating pictures. With a deep blue sky. Over the black suit and the white wedding dress. Surrounded by a perfectly orchestrated pocket of shadow light as picture framing. Then it was just a matter of finding the perfect pose!

Ara Coeli Staircase

Finally we stopped over on the Ara Coeli staircase. To capture some final portrait pictures before reaching our accommodation, our final destination, where the pre wedding photoshoot came to an end.

The flowers of the Spanish steps used to take wedding pictures of a couple on a destination wedding in Rome

The water reflection of the groom and bride posed during a photo session at the Pincio park terrace

Couple posed on the Spanish steps with early morning light shining through the buildings

The bride and groom walking down the Spanish steps in spring while the staircase if full of beautiful blossoming flowers Colosseum wedding shots taken during a photo shoot in ItalyCouple posing in front of the Saint Peter's dome in the far distance

Wedding photography from the Roman Colosseum found in Rome Italy Wedding couple posing on the spanish steps surrounded by colorful flowers to celebrate spring in Rome Looking at the Colosseum during pre wedding photos in Rome


Time of the year: Beginning of May – Mid Spring season
Time of day: 8:00 am morning
Services: 2 hour pre wedding photography with car service with driver courtesy of WheretoRome 
Locations: Trevi fountain, Spanish steps, Pincio park terrace, Colosseum, Ara Coeli Staircase

Curated imagery by the A. Matone photography studio: Wedding Photographer Italy. Check out the Portfolio for more lifestyle photography. Start here to learn more about our proposal session in Amalfi, Rome, Venice or Tuscany. For prices and bookings please Click here.

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Pre wedding photos in Rome Italy
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Pre wedding photos in Rome Italy
Pre wedding photos with the bride and groom in some of Rome's most scenic locations
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