Eloping to Tivoli

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No words to describe how beautiful and romantic this wedding was! Eloping together to Rome and getting married in the nearby town of Tivoli Italy. Staying in a beautiful apartment right on the Spanish steps. Where we began taking some prenuptial pictures of the bridal dress and rings. As well as some couple photos. Then on a car ride out to the town of Tivoli which is about an hour drive from the Rome city center. And then the matrimonial vows and marriage celebration in the Tivoli town hall. Followed by some fantastic wedding pictures in Villa d’Este! With special impromptu opera singing right there on the spot to celebrate the newlyweds! Then we headed back to Rome to capture that last ray of sun shining behind the Roman Colosseum!

Bridal dress hung from a window to be photographed with light passing through

Wedding rings cats still life close up

Indoor bridal preparation next to fashion paintings

Getting married in the Ticoli town hall in ItalyHands closeup of the newlywed rings on ancient marble writingNewlyweds photo session Villa Este

Exchanging wedding ringsTaking wed pictures in Tivoli's Villa d'Este ItalyCouple descending stairs

Silhouette image of a couple just married in Rome Italy


Time of the year: September
Time of day: Midday
Duration: Full day
Planning: Choco Weddings
Venues: Tivoli Town Hall
Location: Villa d’Este Tivoli | Roman Colosseum
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Eloping to Italy
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Eloping to Italy
Getting Married in the town of Tivoli Italy. Romantic Unforgettable Elopement pictures in one of the most scenic towns found just outside of Rome.
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