The Best Rooftop Bars in Rome

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Guiding you to the best spot in Rome for getting a drink at sunset or for asking the BIG question!

View of the Rome skyline from a rooftop bar just after sunset

Breathtaking views over the wonders of Rome. Drinks over sunet. Romantic and suggestive dinners. If you are wondering where this can be found. The answer is: on the highest rooftops of Rome

6 rooftop bars in Rome that are worth seeing to watch the sunset or to ask the big question!

Sunset watching is a great way to absorb the beauty of any location. Especially when shared with someone special or to celebrate a unique moment that you may have in mind. Like proposing marriage in Rome; one of the most romantic and panoramic city in the world. Or just discovering the view together on vacation. Being at the right time in the right place is great to enhance the emotional experience. 

This guide will cover some of the most inspiring Rooftop Bar Rome locations. Guiding you with the eye of a professional photographer in Rome. Looking out for the best scenic and panoramic views. And for the best way to capture them in photography. Or simply to enjoy the sunset. To spend a beautiful end of day together or for that special moment like asking for a hand in marriage.. Let’s find out why Rome is called the Eternal city! 

1.    Atlante Hotel Roof Garden & Bar

The Atlante Hotel Roof Garden & Bar is the first rooftop bar in Rome that I would like to highlight. It simply has a phenomenal view over the roman rooftops. With Saint Peter’s cathedral and the Vatican in the immediate vicinity. It is located in the area between Castel Sant’Angelo and Saint Peter’s square. On top of Les Etoiles rooftop restaurant Rome.

I ran into this rooftop terrace some years back. When it was a little run down. Before it was restored and amplified for mainstream tourism and was relying only on its awesome view.

Sample proposal galleries at the roof garden les etoiles restaurant

Tips: Reserving a table is mandatory especially in summertime as nowadays it has become quite busy. Make sure to reserve on the upper terrace. They also opened a veranda terrace below which doesn’t have a memorable view. When reserving please ask for the table with a view which is the one as you step out of the latter to the left after the binoculars. 

Proposals: If you are looking to set up a surprise wedding proposal here reserving may not be enough. As you may be assigned a table which is not necessarily next to a view. Another issue may be that tables can be so close to one another. Giving very little intimacy and not enough room for the photographer to get a clear shot view.

If you select this location for your proposal and you would like to have it photographed. On the price estimation form for Rome, you can select to reserve on your own. Or have us follow your reservation which includes making sure that on the day that everything is photography optimized and ready for the best outcome.   

2. Caffarelli Rooftop Bar Rome

People taking pictures of the sweeping panoramic view over the city of Rome

On this Rooftop Bar Terrace overview I would like to include the Caffarelli bar terrace. Which is the Capitoline Museum bar. Located adjacent to Piazza del Campidolgio in  Piazzale Caffarelli, 4. It has a truly remarkable view over the roman skyline. It is a very simple place where you can get a coffee or a drink at the bar. And then walk over to the terrace to observe the view. A non pretentious place to enjoy the skyline or to casually pop the big question without giving away the surprise! Open from 9:30 am to 7:00 pm.

Although photography services cannot be done here without prior authorization from the administration. Perhaps a photo can be taken of the proposal moment and then move over to the Campidoglio square and the view over the Roman forum for engagement pictures.

Tip: order a drink or a coffee. Ask if this can be taken outside on the terrace. Then move over to the panoramic view and at the right moment ask the big question. Alternatively, you can reserve a table under the veranda with service. And then move over to the terrace either to observe the view or for the marriage proposal!

3. Minerva Roof Garden

Another great place to enjoy the view over Rome is the Minerva roof garden terrace. You will be immersed among ancient roman rooftops all around. With top level views over the city and over the Roman Pantheon which is essentially the next store building over. During the winter, part of the terrace is covered for dining although you can always step outside to enjoy the panorama in the open air. In the summertime you can also sit directly outside under sun umbrellas.

Tips: Reservation is preferred especially in high season. A nice late afternoon here is sipping a drink and slowly watching the light change and gradually drop down below the horizon. For a proposal, I envision reserving a table. And after a while maybe after having ordered something. Stepping out next to the most scenic spot by the view to ask the faithful question.

Proposal photographed at the hotel minerva rome rooftop bar

A large terrace with a one of a kind view over the Roman Pantheon.

4. Hotel Forum Rome

Hotel Forum is a place where we at times we organize and photograph small elopement weddings in Rome. It doesn’t have a large outside seating arrangement. It has a very small terrace up at the very top, above the rooftop restaurant rome. As mentioned the space available is not very wide. But this can make it a very cosy location to absorb the view. Or for proposing marriage.

Viewing the city of RomeTips: reservation is a must to reserve a table. If you want to organize the proposal photography then we would need to coordinate with the hotel staff. Once you have a table reserved. During drinks and hanging out, you can part and stroll over to the balconade view. The perfect place for an unexpected knee down proposal.

Destination elopement weddings photographed on this rome rooftop bar

5. Palazzo Manfredi

Palazzo Manfredi has one of the most privileged views over the Roman Colosseum. Perhaps more than any other rooftop bar Rome Colosseum. During the winter the terrace has a really nice veranda. However the veranda does inhibit the view quite a bit. Especially if you want to take nice photos. But in the summertime the view is in the open space and it is just spectacular! This is a great place to enjoy the view and hang out. Or also to set up a surprise proposal although the ambient is a little cramped up not being as intimate as one would want.

Located by the Colosseum

The ancient Rome city view of the Colosseum from a nearby rooftop bars in rome

Tips: reserving a table is a good idea as the number of available table seats and spaces is restricted. A table with a view by the railing should be the ideal if one wants to use this beautiful location and occasion to propose. Especially if you want a clear photograph without other people in the picture frame. The staff should be involved if this is the case so that they can prepare best for it. The same if you wish to involve a photographer to capture the moment. 

6. The Eitch Borromini terrace

Terrazza Borromini is by far one of the best rooftop bar with a view in Rome. From the moment you step, up you know you have come to a very special and unique place.  Overlooking the central part of Rome. You will be standing right next to Church Sant’Agnese in Agone architected by Francesco Borromini. Together with a  spectacular view over the roman rooftops in around Piazza Navona. This is the perfect place to enjoy sunset in Rome. Or to use this view as the background to a special moment like asking for marriage in Rome. On the level below you will also find a really nice rooftop restaurant should you wish to celebrate with a romantic dinner after the proposal.

Selected 6 of the Best Rooftop Bars in Rome
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Selected 6 of the Best Rooftop Bars in Rome
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