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A Wedding Day in Rome

By 3 March 2016February 5th, 2020Rome, Wedding

Getting ready images

The wedding preparations took place at Hotel Villafranca in Rome. Where the bride was in the skillful hands of Louise Faulkner for the hair and makeup. Me and the groom where mainly hanging out waiting for the final touches! Getting a few portrait pictures here and there. When the bride was ready, she was beautiful!

Woman getting ready for the big day with the make up preparation

Woman portrait sitting down

Wedding rings photographed on green plants

Man groom to be looking out the window

Portrait of the wedding couple

Bride sitting the wedding car

Hugging after preparations

Bride through the window portrait

Bride and groom exiting the hotel

The terrace wedding

Then we were off to Hotel Forum where the team from Romeo and Juliet was waiting for us. The view from up there was just stunning and soon after we began the ceremony. After the exchanging of the promises and the rings we celebrated the beautiful moment with a toast overlooking the city from above.

Wedding celebrant reciting the promises overlooking the city. On a Wedding Day in Rome.

Wedding ring exchange groom

Smiling bride

Exchanging marriage rings

You may now kiss the bride

Pouring the champagne

Groom and bride portrait overlooking the city of Rome after their private marriage

The wedding car service

The Photo Session

We began the Wedding Photography in Rome at the Roman Colosseum. A must include location when shooting in Rome. It is also just around the corner from the Hotel. When we arrived the sunlight was just right and we swiftly moved through all the pictures we wanted to take.

Bride and groom at the Roman Colosseum during their wedding photosNewlyweds getting their picture taken at the Coliseum in Rome

Kissing at the Trevi fountain in Rome during a weddingPortrait picture of a just married couple by the coliseum

Fontana di Trevi

Then we ventured to the Trevi fountain. Spectacular as always. Especially after the recent renovation. People were particularly friendly giving us some space for the photography. Using the water reflection as a nice backdrop for the wedding ring pictures.  We also got some fun pictures when returning to the car under a nice building entrance arch.

Newlyweds kissing at the Trevi fountain

Married and in love at Fontana di Trevi in Rome

Kissing by an ancient door by a roman staircase

The fountain Trevi all to ourselves

Scenic wedding photography in Rome Italy

Wedding couple kissing on the streets of Rome

In fact the whole session was a lot of fun! Getting pictures all along the way and trying out different photographic effects. Then we moved over to the Theatre Cafe’ where we made a stop for drinks. And for an Italian Red Ferrari parked just out front. With a stop in between at a really nice church nearby.

Marriage photo session in a bar

Couple sitting down at a bar having drinks

Ferrari wedding photo shoot

Wedding photos at Parco del Pincio overlooking the city of Rome at sunset

Our last stop was Parco del Pincio with a stunning view over the city at sunset. Where some really great wedding photography came out. Then we took pictures all along the way back to the restaurant of Hotel Forum. Where we snapped a last set of photos smoking at sunset!

Couple just married photo session

Wedding bouquet

Couple smoking on an overlooking terrace

A kiss at the roman forum

The ancient roman remains lit at night

Man taking a picture of the ancient city at night

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Time of the year: February
Time of day: Daytime
Duration: 4 hrs
Location: Hotel Villafranca
: Hotel Forum

> Roman Colosseum 
> Trevi fountain
> Caffe Teatro
> Church San Domenico e Sisto
Parco del Pincio

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A very special thanks for making this happen goes out to: Romeo and Juliet

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