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Rome Italy

This was just a fantastic pre wedding and engagement style session. With a minivan available to reach all the locations, it also provided a place to change outfit. So we had 4 hours ahead of us and three outfit changes. Let’s walk through the images as there is a lot of great pics see!

Castel Sant’Angelo

We started at Castel Sant’Angelo wearing violet casual taking pictures on top of the bridge to get warmed up. Then making our way down below the Tiber river bank. The light was just spectacular down there and after overcoming some initial difficulties we were able to capture some very nice imagery.

Castel Sant'Angelo in Rome picture photo

Violet casual

Engagement photo session under Castel Sant Angelo by the Tiber river bank

Engaged under the bridge. Angel Castle.

In love in Italy. Photo session under the St. Angelo bridge

Engagement ring over ancient marble

Overlooking together the Tiber river

Saint Peter’s square

We continued the photo shoot with violet casual and after a very short ride on Via della Conciliazione we reached the breathtaking view of Saint Peter’s square. After a quick water break we were back to shooting starting underneath the fantastic colonnade. Capturing glimpses of the Basilica while shooting against sunlight. After snapping interesting portraits we made our way under the first water fountain. Which was an explosion of light drops lit by sun setting light. Then we headed in front of the Cathedral facade where we shot some more cool pictures playing with peripheral light rays. Thank to our very photogenic couple some really phenomenal images came out! On our way out we stopped by the second water fountain in the square. This time the wind must have changed and it was just a shower of tiny little water drops. A stunning effect came out as we were all getting a little wet. Including the camera lens which made some cool crystal effects on the photo. And a very refreshing feeling! Great  lifestyle engagement photography stuff!

Portrait picture of a couple during a photo shoot at the VaticanIntense couple portrait

Dance walking under the St. Peter's colonnade in the Vatican cityPosing in between columns with Saint Peter's dome in the distance

San Peter square water fountain

Posing by the water fountain in the Vaticano

Image of an engaged couple under the Vatican's cathedral

Close together. Engagement photo session. Saint Peter basilica

In love at the Vatican. Photo taken in front of the church facade

Dancing and splashing around under water splashes from S. Peter square

Splashing water from fountain at the Vatican square. Engagement photographer Andrea Matone Rome Italy.

Having fun during an engagement session in the square

Wedding white

Gianicolo water fountain view over Rome

Just amazing images but we became invincible after the outfit change to a wedding dress and tuxedo! By now the sun was very low down on the horizon and we had just about 5 minutes to capture these photos before it went behind the fountain. Starting with the bench view over the Rome cityscape. I was clicking away to some really beautiful imagery including a panoramic wedding selfie! Then we stepped back across the street and positioned ourselves on the edge of the Fontanone water fountain. Again a great set of pictures with the wedding gown and tuxedo. Fun, relaxed, laid back and very much in love! Before heading out we submerged the hand with the engagement ring in the water for some final shots.

Wedding outfit photography. Posing at the Gianicolo hill overlooking Rome.

Photo session by the Gianicolo water fountain

Sunset pictures of bride and groom overlooking the roman skyline

Wedding selfie in Italy

Kissing by the Fontanone fountain

The bride rests against the groom's shoulder while sitting on the Gianicolo water fountain

Had close up with engagement ring over fountain water

The Roman Forum and Piazza del Campidoglio

We continued towards the Roman Forum. Taking pictures overlooking the spectacular ancient city of Rome from above. With the sun setting shining on top of a distant church dome. Then made our way onto the square itself stopping to take creative photography by the stairs and columns. Then we ran into a silhouette moment which we couldn’t overlook!

Posing at the Roman Forum during a pre-wedding photo shoot in Rome Bride and groom together at the Roman Forum

Looking at each other at the forum Kissing under columns in Piazza del Campidoglio

Silhouette couple kissing pre wedding

Kissing at sunset pre marriage

Artistic image of a couple posing during an engagement photo session in Rome Italy

Bright red

Rooftop view over Rome

The minivan was parked right by this fantastic sun setting view. After a quick change of clothing with switched to a bright red engagement style dress. So we decided to invest a little bit of time in trying to capture some silhouette pictures. The framing was a little tricky but at one point we came to finding a really nice view. Love how the light shines through the bright red dress. Then we stepped over the railing overlooking on a different side of Rome. Again trying to shoot against sunlight in the attempt to achieve dramatic high right tones images.

Artistic photo of wedding couple during their pre wedding photography service. Picture by Andrea Matone photographer. Rome, Italy.

Relaxing together overlooking the roman rooftops in Rome

In love in Rome. Romantic love story session.

Sunset photography. In love in Rome.

The final destination: the Roman Colosseum

Ok by now the light was officially gone. Sunset. We started shooting when the blue hour just begun. We had about an hour of this light and we tried to make the best of it. Alternating artistic silhouettes with creative lighting. Our wonderful couple was just fantastic. And I think this was reflected in the imagery that came out. Check it out!

Roman Colosseum photo session. Silhouette photography. Rome, Italy

Couple engagement session at the Coliseum

Post wedding photography session

Silhouette photo e-session in Rome

Wedding red photographer Rome. Kissing by the Roman ColosseumHolding hands. Colosseo. Roma

Gentlemen's had helping out the bride wearing red at the Coliseum

Looking at the Colosseum in Rome

Evening formal wear photo shoot in Rome at night

Night time photography overlooking the Palatine hill in Rome

Red vs blue hour. Picture by Engagement Wedding Photographer Andrea Matone. Rome, Italy.

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Time of the year: June
Time of day: Late afternoon / Evening
Duration: 4 hrs
> Castel Sant’Angelo
> Saint Peter’s square in the Vatican
Gianicolo water fountain
> Roman Forum
> Piazza del Campidoglio
> Roman Colosseum
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Wedding engagement pictures in Rome
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Wedding engagement pictures in Rome
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