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A non traditional Wedding in Rome

By 5 September 2014February 1st, 2020Rome, Wedding

Getting married on the Gianiculum hill

This intimate wedding took place at sunset overlooking the spectacular view of Rome from the Gianiculum Hill. A truly suggestive location for such a touching wedding celebration. And for the amazement of all the bystanders which gathered at a distance to look on. After the marriage vows we stayed in around the area to capture some really great bride and groom photography.
We had fun setting up shots with the wedding dress getting picked up by the wind. Or having the bride and groom be professionally photographed by a guest! We also included some pictures of the oak trees that play such an important role in the Gianiculum hill scenery.
We later moved over to the Fontanone water fountain to continue the photo session. Using the great fountain landmark as a background and the beautiful view that you also have on this side of the hill.

Getting married in Italy overlooking the roman rooftops. Non traditional wedding photography.

Exchanging wedding rings during a symbolic marriage.

Bride close up picture.

The joy and happiness of a marriage celebration.

The groom embracing the celebrant.

Getting married abroad in Rome Italy. At the Gianicolo hill with a beautiful view over the city.

Bride and groom together after marriage. Photo of the wedding dress flying up in the air.

Newlyweds in love.

Picture of the photographer taking a photo at a wedding in Rome.

Just married couple photographed from below at the Gianiculum hill.

Passeggiata del Gianicolo sign.

Marriage. Portrait picture of a couple just married in Rome.

The gianicolo water fountain. Newlyweds posing for a picture.

Close up image of the wedding rings.

Couple just married dancing at the Gianciolo view of Rome Italy.

Time of the year: August
Time of day: sunset
Duration: 1 hr
Location: the Gianiculum hill in Rome

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Getting married in Rome Italy
Article Name
Getting married in Rome Italy
A non traditional wedding photographed by Andrea Matone photographer overlooking the roman rooftops from the Gianicolo hill. A beautiful view of a beautiful couple getting married in Italy.