Professional Photography: Wedding in Tuscany Italy

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Ceremony in the Chianti area

What a fantastic day to celebrate this unique wedding in Tuscany Italy! It was a dream to be immersed the beautiful Tuscany countryside. The church wedding took place at Castello di Spaltenna  by a suggestive town of Gaiole in Chianti. After the beautiful ceremony we gathered together for the group pictures. We were two photographers working and I would like to thank my second photographer Sergio for his fine contribution.

The Beautiful Countryside

After the group pictures we headed to a nearby town to continue the session with the bride and groom. Such a beautiful location with a sweeping view over the Tuscan hills. Great pictures of Italy. After dodging bees and thorns! We took a car ride around the Italian countryside looking for nice scenic spots to pull over. We found some really nice angles on such beautiful landscape.

The venue reception

Our last stop was Villa Le Miccine where we set up a brief session by a beautiful vineyard. Then finally came relaxation at the reception with some more casual images taken of the guests.  What a beautiful Wedding day in Tuscany. Congratulations!

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An Italian countryside engagement session
Destination wedding in Tuscany Italy

 Church outside Castello di Spaltenna in Gaiole in Chianti

Church inside Castello di Spaltenna

Approaching Church

Entering Castello di Spaltenna in Gaiole in Chianti in Italy

Face portrait inside Church

Black and white photography of couple in Church

Smiling together in Church Castello di Spaltenna

Rings are getting prepared on the Church altar

Bride and groom exchange rings

Close up of the ring exchange

Kissing after exchanging rings

Happy newlyweds exit Church Castello di Spaltenna in Gaiole in Chianti

The sky above on the big day

Newlyweds smile at each other just outside Church Castello di Spaltenna.

Showing off the rings

Photographer Tuscany Castello di Spaltenna in Gaiole in Chianti

A cat dozing off

Newlyweds kissing in the streets of an old town in Italy

Photographer taking a picture of the newlyweds in black and white

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Smiling and having a good time during the photography session

Kissing at the doorsteps of an old Church

Helping her take off spines caught up on the bridal dress

The feet of the newlyweds shoes close up

Rings close up picture

Newlyweds look at their rings

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Photographer Italy. Kissing before the hills. Underneath the clouds.

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Together during a photo shoot in Tuscany

Just married couple holding hands over the beautiful Italian countryside.

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Walking hand in hand on a road in the Chianti region Italy

Professional matrimony photography: walking in a vineyard

Holding hands together after the church matrimony

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Picture out of focus as newlyweds walk in a vineyard in Italy

Picture in focus photo as newlyweds walk in a vineyard in Italy

Photographers taking pictures

Newlyweds portrait photo session in a vineyard in Italy


Wedding reception table

Man guest looking at the reception pictures

Bridal portrait photographed next to the dinner table

Ornaments in the sky

The talking tree

Food reception catering. Finger food.

Food reception catering 2

Newlyweds pop opening the wine champagne prosecco

Guests toasting

The wedding reception villa

Professional Photography: Wedding in Tuscany Italy
Article Name
Professional Photography: Wedding in Tuscany Italy
A beautiful matrimony celebrated in front of the Tuscany countryside in Italy on peaceful hills covered with vineyards and olive trees. By Andrea Matone