Celebrating marriage in Rome

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The weather forecast

Ok ok the weather is not great but we can still give it a shot. Where are we going start? Let’s start the session right here at the Roman Colosseum. And that’s how it went. Kind of a last minute wedding photography session. But how interesting are the colors and the contrasts. It did start to rain at some point but we managed to use umbrellas and to take cover here and there without interrupting the photo shoot. A brilliant couple and a wonderful day to remember with great fun, romantic pictures.

Romance wedding on Via dei fori Imperiali in Rome

Car Service Itinerary

Having a car service did come in handy. Taking us directly underneath the spots that we wanted to include in the photo album. Providing coverage from the rain as we reached the different locations. It also allowed us to leave things in the car not needed for the session. Here is the itinerary:
The Roman Colosseum, Fontana di Trevi [Trevi fountain], Piazza di Spagna [Spanish steps], Parco del Pincio, Via Margutta and Via dei Fori Imperiali.

Honeymoon session in Italy. Wedding photography at the roman Coliseum couple session.

Black and white version of couple looking at the Roman Colosseum

Couple having fun at the roman coliseum. Rome Wedding Photographer.

Out of focus take on the Coliseum

Bride and groom kissing at the Colosseum

Romance during a photographer session

Roman forum view with a beautiful couple

Happily married together in Rome Italy

Close up photo of the groom holding his bride in Rome

Fontana di Trevi session under an umbrella.

Picture taking at the Trevi fountain

Groom picks up the bride at the Trevi fountain. Romantically in love.

Bride and groom kissing at the Trevi fountain in black and white version

Picture of the bride entering the car in the roman street.

Romantic picture in the back of the car in color version

The groom spins the bride around at the Spanish steps in Rome black and white version

Bride's feet over sampietrini

Bride and groom running during a wedding photo shoot on Via Margutta in Rome color version

Seeting up a session on Via dei fori Imperiali

Bride and groom touching hands on Via dei Fori Imperiali

Romance wedding on Via dei fori Imperiali in Rome

Bride and groom close together during a picture session

Newlyweds close to one another during a matrimonial shoot

Newlyweds holding hands

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A splendid matrimony in Italy
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A splendid matrimony in Italy
A fun and creative wedding photographer session in Rome Italy. Rain or no rain it was a wonderful photo shoot with a brilliant couple