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Proposal and Engagement pictures

By 18 February 2015February 5th, 2020Colosseum, Couple, Proposal, Rome

Day 1

Suprise Marriage Proposal at the Roman Colosseum

This was a most beautiful wedding  proposal taking place right before the splendid view of the Coliseum. On an overlooking platform and to our luck all to ourselves. The right moment at the right time. The unexpected surprise was followed by an enthusiastic YES! Here are the pictures!

Engagement Proposal. One knee down at the Roman Colosseum.

Kissing at the Coliseum. Romantic imagery from unique roman landmark

Couple hugging of joy after marriage proposal in Rome

The Engagement

Then it was time to capture some unique and creative engagement style images. There were some obstacles to overcome like fallen trees! But the light was just beautiful as was our wonderful couple. A nice series of sunset pictures trying out different approaches like shooting against the sun to obtain interesting silhouettes. Deep shades of blues and yellows which also spark up the contrast in the black and whites photos.

Fine art lifestyle imagery from Rome Italy

Black and white image of a couple in love in Rome ItalyKiss in couple on a roman photography journey around the city

Fun pictures and walking around

We also tried out some fun pictures and creative effects. Like the couple photo displaying the picture of each others on their mobile phone. Fun stuff! It was actually a little complex to pull of! But I think it came out pretty cool! Beautiful warm sunset light in the background. And deep blue skies.

Mobile picture of a couple kissing through their screen image

Deep blue sky with birds flying the air

Walking around the city of Rome hand in hand with the Coliseum in background

A walk on the ancient Appian road leading to the main archaeological site

The Roman Forum

Offered some fantastic views over the ancient city in a stunningly beautiful light. Certainly worth a 1000 pictures. Breezing through the Severino Arc up the stairs to the main square. Here are more details on the Fourm.

Man taking a picture of the roman forum at sunset Couple photo session at the Forum overlooking ancient Rome

Piazza del Campidoglio

this is an awesome place. Offering so much to photograph. Different types of stairs. Columns with great light. Interesting statues that can be used as background. So it’s a great place to invest some photography time. Check out the blog to see more session photographed here.

Black & white picture of a couple in love in Rome. Sitting down on steps. Photo session underneath the beautiful columns found in Piazza del Campidoglio

Man kissing the hand of a woman during an engagement photo session

Romantic picture of a couple under roman street light. Romance in Italy.

Standing by columns in half light

Campidoglio staircase used for an e-session

Day 2

Engagement photo session around the city by car

We met the very next day to capture another sunset in different parts of the city. Using a car service we were able to quickly move from place to place. Starting up the Spanish steps by the Trinita’ dei Monti church. Over the city skyline and among colorful paintings. Then down the stairs and soon after mid way down to the terrace balcony over Via dei Condotti. And finally into Piazza di Spagna taking pictures over the Barcaccia water fountain using a wide angle lens.

Portrait taken over the rooftop panoramic view

Romantic couple photo session with bright colorful roses

Standing on the Spanish steps during an engagement session

Engaged at Piazza di Spagna

Sunset couple portrait shooting against sunlight

Sitting down by a wall overlooking the roman rooftops

Parco del Pincio over Piazza del Popolo

Here we ran into some fun pictures! Using a stylish hat and jumping over puddles. Before taking more reflective photos with the roman rooftops in the far back. After a short ride we were down by the Piazza del Popolo square. Which inspired the water pool fountain image from above.

Sitting down with a stylish hat hanging out with your partner

Jumping over water puddles

Engaged couple walking hand in hand up the ramp

The dip photographed from a distance

Piazza del Popolo water fountain used for engagement pictures

Saint Peter’s square in the Vatican

Out last location was this amazing square. Starting under the wonderful colonnade which creates such interesting light effects. After trying out some cool poses we moved into the main square. Where we found this beautiful blue light just after sunset. And towards the end of the session the Saint Peter’s cathedral lit up!

Walking on the streets just outside Vatican city Dancing and walking under the Saint Peter's colonnade

Picking up with joy under the columns of Saint Peter

The blue light in St. Peters's square

Close up final portrait picture at San Peter's cathedral

Time of the year: February
Time of days: Late afternoon
Duration: 1 hr on day 1 / 2 hrs on day 2 with car service
day 1
> Roman Colosseum & Piazza del Campidoglio
day 2
> Piazza di Spagna
> Parco del Pincio
> Piazza del Popolo
> St. Peter’s square

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Engagement and wedding proposal
Article Name
Engagement and wedding proposal
A great surprise wedding proposal photographed at the Roman Colosseum. And on a following day a most beautiful engagement session.


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    It’s meeeeeeee how beautiful is this love you both and our C xxxx

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    Aww I’m so happy and crying my eyes out beautiful photography I love you both so much xx mom xx