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Love story engagement

By 11 December 2014November 27th, 2022Couple, Rome, Trastevere

Pictures in Rome

A beautiful engagement love story that started from Hotel San Anselmo in Rome Italy. A most beautiful hotel location that inspired some very nice interior pictures before heading out on the town. When the car arrived we hopped in and set off for Giardino degli Aranci which was just next store.

Giardini degli Aranci

A truly stunning location which has some many beautiful places where to shoot interesting and romantic engagement pictures. Ranging from inspiring portico views with unique architectural elements. Like a series of arcs which create a perfect picture frame. There is a stunning water fountain just at the entrance of the park with beautiful rich colors. Moss color green inspired our engagement  ring pictures which were taken against the ancient wall the encloses the perimeter of the park. Then we came to the beautiful sweeping view over the city of Rome from the terrace where we were able to take some nice panoramic and scenic images.

Hotel interior engagement session on the stairs of Hotel Anselmo

Posing underneath portico at Church Santa Sabina in Rome

Gianicolo water fountain e-session Engagement ring picture in green

Kissing overlooking the roman skyline from the Giardino degli Aranci park

Posing in front of the roman forum in ancient Rome

The Roman Forum and Colosseum

On our way to the Roman Colosseum we stopped over at the ancient forum to snap some pictures with the spectacular backdrop view. Here we were able to shoot some really nice silhouettes by taking pictures against the setting sun creating some unique pictures with a nice romantic mood. Then we moved on to take some more snapshots in the sunlight with the Colosseum in the background. After completing the photo shoot we headed for our next destination.

Silhouette picture of a couple kissing during an engagement session. Love story engagement in Rome.

Image of a coupe in love photographed in front of an old roman door

An ice cream in Trastevere

On our way to the trastevere quarter we took an ice cream on the fly and included some fun photos of the experience! Then we reached the trastevere area starting from Piazza Santa Maria in Trastevere and heading into the small off the beaten track alleyways that make this area so characteristic.

Eating ice cream Trastevere photo shoot near and ancient church

Romance in the roman off the beaten track alleyways of trastevere Jumping across the side walk during a e-session

The Gianicolo view over Rome

Our last location was the Gianicolo water fountain with the stunning view over the roman skyline. But before reaching the location we quickly stopped by the Tempietto del Bramante to capture a few more engagement like pics in the this unique temple like structure. Then we reached the hill and took some more nice photos with the aqueduct in the background. We then crossed the street and photographed the scenic view while sitting on a marble bench. The engagement session ended back to the Hotel San Anselmo were we took some last pictures inside and at the balcony window.

Romantic engagement pictures taken before the view over the roman rooftops from the Gianiculum hill

Gianicolo water fountain picture during a couple photo session

Hotel interior picture

Hotel Anselmo picture on the balcony taken from outside

Time of the year: December
Time of day: Afternoon
Duration: 3 hrs by car
> Hotel San Anselmo
> Giardino degli Aranci
> Roman Forum
> Roman Colosseum
> Trastevere
> Tempietto del Bramante
> Gianiculum hill

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Love story engagement session
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Love story engagement session
A beautiful love story in Rome told through a sequence of images. Starting from romantic hotel interiors through some of the best attractions in Rome Italy.