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By 13 November 2014February 5th, 2020Couple, Rome

Portrait Photo session

Piazza Campidoglio

It was an early morning at the Roman Forum. A little cold but the sun was just beautiful. Rising slowly behind the majestic landscape of ancient ruins which surrounds Piazza del Campidoglio. We started the portrait photo session looking above the ruins. With a spectacular panoramic view of the cityscape. With some early morning tourist risers peaking in to view the engagement like session with curiosity.
Once we reached a good number of snapshots we moved into the main square but the sun was not yet ready for the right photos. So we kept walking, taking time out to photograph the Imperial Forum from the other side. Capturing some nice portraits on the way there on the wide and tall staircase that are around the corner.
Walking all the way up the stairs and standing in the glass doorway trying to get a good reflection of the ancient remains in the picture frame. Then after shooting some more images with statues and column in the backdrop, we headed to our second location.

Couple posing during a portrait photo session at the roman forum.

Sunlight shining through over the imperial forum.

Jumping for joy photography on the staircases of Piazza del Campidoglio.

Portrait picture of a couple posing in front of old marble statues.

Sitting down pose shot in front of ancient ruins in Rome.

Engagement like picture session at the ancient forum in Rome.

Reflection view of the Italian landmarks contained in the Campidoglio square.

The Roman Colosseum

After a brief walk in Via dei Fori Imperiali which leads straight into the Coliseum. We took a small detour to find a more secluded spot where we could try different lifestyle pictures. For example the jumping up in the air image which came out pretty well! Then we continued the session trying out other fun pictures ideas from different sides.
After walking down towards the B-side of the Colosseum we got these really nice snapshots taken while shooting against the sun. We were lucky to find the right combination of light coming from the flash vs the sun back light. A really nice effect. Some may even be included in my Portfolio Gallery which is a collection of best pictures. Then we concluded the photoshoot with some final lifestyle imagery of sitting down and relaxing on the grass enjoying a visit in Rome!

Lifestyle photo shoot in Rome. Jumping for joy in Rome. Picture by Andrea Matone photographer.

Posing portrait picture at the Coliseum.

Kissing at the Colosseum.

Sunlight shining through an Italian lifestyle photo session by Andrea Matone. Portrait photographer Rome Italy.

Sitting down on a marble slab before the Coliseum.

Sitting down on steps.

Looking at each other during a session in the eternal city.

Lifestyle imagery of a couple in Rome.

Time of the year: October
Time of day: Early morning
Duration: 2 hrs
> The Roman Colosseum
> Piazza del Campidoglio

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Curated imagery by the A. Matone photographer in Rome studio. Check out the Portfolio for more lifestyle photography. Start here to learn more about our sessions. For prices and bookings please Click here

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Lifestyle portrait photography
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Lifestyle portrait photography
A bright and colorful Lifestyle photography session in Rome Italy. Celebrating a birthday visit with a unique photo session around the city.