Getting Engaged in Rome Italy

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The photography session

The engagement photo shoot was decided on the spur of them moment after Dave proposed to Ashley here in Rome Italy. So it was kind of a last minute arrangement to put together the itinerary and to set up the car to take us from place to place. And a truly wonderful photo session came out!

The locations and itinerary

We started with the car pick up at 8:00 am from a street nearby Basilica Santa Maria Maggiore. From there we headed straight to Ponte Castel Sant’Angelo to benefit from the early morning light and to avoid the large crowds on the bridge. The light was just perfect and we were able to capture some nice imagery. Dave and Ashley also had with them a symbolic lock to secure their engagement on the bridge.

The Vatican and the view over Rome

Our next stop was the Roman Vatican where we shot some nice pictures under the colonnade. We were able to capture some nice light effects around the massive columns that are found on the perimeter of the square.

The Gianicolo water fountain was next where we found perfect illumination. So we began with some pictures underneath the fountain with beautiful emerald green water. We also used the color of this water as background to the engagement ring pictures.
Then we focused our attention to the beautiful view over the roman rooftops. Such stunning panorama.

Circus Maximum and the roman alleyways

On our way to Trastevere we stopped over Circus Maximum to shoot some nice engagement photos with the Palatine hill as background. It might not seem like it in the pictures but it was getting quite warm now! Trastevere and the alleyways were perfect to find some shadow and to feel a really cool breeze in between the alleys. I love photographing here as there are infinite creative possibilities to get some really nice images.

We ran into unique and colorful doorsteps, interesting vintage trucks that were carrying wine barrels, romantic restaurants and the alleyways which so characterize the Trastevere area. We walked across the whole quarter and reached Church Santa Cecilia in Trastevere where our photo session ended! Thank you for the wonderful time. Wish you all the best!

E-session underneath Ponte Castel Sant'Angelo. Tiber river bank. Engagement session photographed by the Tiber river in Rome. Getting engaged in Rome Italy. Image by the river. Kissing replicating a graffiti kiss. Kissing in the eternal roman city

Picture session under the columns in Saint Peter's square in the Vatican.

Photo taken under flash lit ivy leaves

Wedding proposal picture from the Gianicolo fountainCircus Maximum and the Palatine hill during an e-session. Trastevere lifestyle photography. Pictures in the alleys and alleyways. Still life image of the ring immersed in emerald green water.

Couple just engaged holding hands in front of an interesting door.

Embracing couple in the streets of Trastevere.

Close up of the engagement ring photographed on a green door.

Couple portrait by a vintage truck carrying barrels. Looking at each other in love. Sitting down having lunch during a photo session. Couple holding a Danhov wedding ring. Heart shaped picture made with hands in the streets. Lit view of a heart shaped picture.

Time of the year: June
Time of day: early morning
Duration: 4 hrs w/car service
Photo shoot itinerary:
> Castel Sant’Aneglo bridge
> The Vatican
> Gianicolo water fountain
> Circus Maximum
> Trastevere

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Engaged in Rome Italy
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Engaged in Rome Italy
A fun and creative photo shoot around the city. Starting early in the morning to capture the best light and to avoid the crowds. Using a car service to reach all the most beautiful locations the roman city can offer.