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Wedding Anniversary in Rome

By 14 July 2014February 5th, 2020Couple, Rome

A full day photography event

We met at Hotel Domus Mariae Palazzo Carpegna at 10:00 am on a wonderful sunny morning. Ahead of us a very pleasurable full day anniversary photography session. We hit it off right away and the day was just plain fun talking, shooting pictures and getting to know each other while visiting Rome.

The photo itinerary

Wedding anniversary ring on hand at Castel Sant'Angelo

Artistic image of an anniversary photo session in Rome Italy

Picture taken underneath the Castel Sant'Angelo by the Tiber river

Portrait picture session at the Roman Coliseum in Rome

Castel Sant’Angelo bridge

We started from the top of the Castel Sant’Angelo bridge moving our way to the sides and below. By the Tiber river. The light shining through in the morning was just perfect. A little tricky to calibrate at times but the effect came out well!

The Janiculum hill

A great spot to capture some good images with a very beautiful water fountain and a very scenic view over the city. We invested some time here also photographing the wedding ring in the emerald green water.
We were just in time to drive by Piazza Garibaldi where daily at noon, a cannon fires in the direction of the Tiber river to signal the exact time. Boom this was the effect!

In around the Vatican city

As we were driving to the Gianicolo hill we ran into this great shadow cast on a the Vatican walls. We stopped the car on the side and took the pictures which I think came out very interesting. The shadow, the pose and the red umbrella!

The Roman Forum and Colosseum

We continued onward towards the ancient forum taking some nice pictures of the ruins from above. Then we stopped for a drink on top of the Musei Capitolini bar which has a spectacular view over the city of Rome. A really nice place to rest a minute and enjoy the panorama. The Roman Coliseum was next as we were searching for a nice spot where to enjoy the monument without the renovation works which are covering a side to it.

Kissing underneath the canon fire over the city from the Janiculum

Lunch break at a typical restaurant in Rome

A quick stop for some genuine Italian food at Benito restaurant. Carbonara and amatriciana pasta and then back on the road to continue the photo tour.  But not before buying some men shoes!? It wasn’t me but the driver. But ok back to photography!

Plate of carbonara Italian pasta dish

Laughing during lunch break

Checking make up in the car

The Roman Pantheon

A most spectacular location. With this massive structure and columns making it so characteristic. We photographed at different angles and also just on the door step of it. Where there is the best light and where crowd impact can be minimized. And there was a lot of people visiting! We also took some pictures by the baroque water fountains.

San Ivo alla Sapienza

Was our next stop offering really nice light effects in between the columns and in the courtyard. The architecture here is quite astounding and the even found a nice frame to enclose the picture.

The Spanish steps and Pincio Park

As the day was coming to an end we reached the Spanish steps which offer wonderful views over Via Condotti and the fashion districtWith beautiful stairs and paintings to embellish the photo shoot. Our very last stop was Parco del Pincio where the photography session ended and we returned to the Hotel. Thank you for such a great day. Wishing you all the best!

Couple underneath the light shining though the roof of the Pantheon

Portrait San Ivo alla Sapienza in Rome

Portrait picture by the Pantheon water fountain

Anniversary session at the Spanish steps

Posing at Pincio park

Couple together overlooking the rooftops in Rome Italy from Parco del Pincio

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Anniversary photo session in Rome
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Anniversary photo session in Rome
Great pictures of a great anniversary photo session in Rome Italy. A full day event driving around the city gathering unique and creative images.
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