Anniversary Photo Shoot in Rome Italy

By 17 May 2011September 3rd, 2019Couple

Celebrating the wedding anniversary

These guys totally rocked my photo shoot!  Better than professional models they had some fun energy to spend! We walked around Rome looking for create angles and when we saw something amusing to shoot we were set-up in a second. Laughing and having a genuine good time made it very easy and enjoyable; also for many bystanders which looked at us like something to watch and to photograph!

The photographic session

The pictures look like a tourism spot on how to be young and fun in Rome. Let’s see we started at the Roman Colosseum where I had noted a few pictures I wanted to try out and swiftly moved onto Fontana di Trevi with so many things happening in between. One of which is the picture of the fish restaurant which I particularly enjoyed shooting and touching up but not as much as the acrobatic picture took at San Ivo alla Sapienza!

A prosecco pit stop

After Fontana di Trevi we got lost in the alleyways but luckily we got saved by a cool glass of prosecco before continuing with the Roman Pantheon and Piazza Navona. Thank you so much for the wonderful time and the chance to photograph your wedding anniversary in Rome.

Picture session in front of the Colosseum in the Italian capital city

Out of focus photography in front of the Roman Colosseum with a beautiful couple posing

Anniversary session of a couple kissing in the streets in black and white photography

Couple in romantic dance poses walking away from the Colosseum

Black and white image in ancient old streets and alleyways

Young couple holding each other hugging in a romantic way in front of a fish restaurant

Head shot closeup photography executed of a woman and a man smiling in love

Havng fun and looking at each other while photographed at close distance in black and white

Descending steps and walking on stairs in black and white

Looking sexy in black and white imagery in front of Fontana di Trevi

Romance and kissing at the Trevi Fountain

Couple holding hands inside the Roman Pantheon underneath the light hole above

Couple holding each other underneath the colonnade of the Roman Pantheon

Having a quick prosecco wine drink photographed before continuing the picture session

Romance in Rome at Saint Ivo alla Sapienza with a beautiful couple in love

Couple doing acrobatics poses. Anniversary photo shoot in Rome Italy.

Couple posing for a picture on a white vespa

Tourist flipping through posters in Piazza Navona Rome Italy

Couple relaxing in Piazza Navona in Rome

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Engaging photo shoot in Rome
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Engaging photo shoot in Rome
A fun and creative and very acrobatic photographic session. Walking from location to location looking for unique posing ideas to make the anniversary a memorable experience.