Engagement style session in Rome Italy

By 4 September 2012February 1st, 2020Couple, Rome

The Photo Session

Soo-o beautifully in love in Rome. As a photographer I don’t remember ever telling them what to do. We just walked around having fun visiting the city as they enjoyed each other’s company. The engagement session began in Hotel Aldrovandi where we shot some nice interior photography in the lobby and the halls. We then moved to Villa Borghese by car where we took a brief pause relaxing on the grass and soaking the sun. We wanted to give this photography session a very relaxed laid back feel. Then we went to visit Piazza di Spagna  strolling over to Parco del Pincio after visiting Piazza Trinita’ dei Monti. Then back in the car and onto Ponte Umberto I, Castel Sant’Angelo, Gianicolo and the Roman Coliseum. To get some more nice photos of the city. It was all going well until the the Saint Bernard dog came in..

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Kissing while holding and reading fashion magazine

Playing the piano together inside Hotel Androvandi

Man holding bike before going out for a photo shoot

Exiting Hotel Androvandi

Picture in Villa Borghese

Posing during a session Museo Parco Villa Borghese

Female model posing during a photographer session

Daydreaming. Sitting on a grass field during summer.

picture composition collage

Female feet on the grass with red finger nails

Married couple holding hands underneath the water in a fountain Villa Borghese

Couple splashing water collage composition

Couple relaxing on green grass Villa Borghese Rome Italy. Photographer.

Posing by romantic paintings on Trinita' dei Monti

Man and woman up on Trinita' dei Monti next to paintings.

Man and woman kissing Piazza di Spagna Spanish steps

Holding onto each other's arms in front of marble slab

Hanging out on the terrace of Piazza di Spagna

Sitting down on the Spanish steps

Posing for a photographer picture by purple flowers.

Married couple photographed in front of Rome's rooftops

Parco del Pincio session with a man and a woman

Collage picture ensamble

Portrait of a couple at Piazza del Popolo

Posing in front of Saint Peter's cathedral in the far distance

In love and holding each other's hand

Kissing in love at Castle Sant'Angelo

Together in Saint Peter's Cathedral

Gianicolo fountain session by Fontanone.

The Saint Bernard dog came

Man and woman at the Roman Colosseum

Standing in front of the Roman Coliseum looking away. Black and white picture.

Kissing and in love at the Coliseum

Best engagement photographers in Rome Italy. Couple jumping in front of the Roman Colosseum

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