Surprise engagement proposal in Rome Italy

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A beautiful surprise wedding proposal photographed at the Trevi fountain in Rome Italy. Perfectly planned ahead of time via email and nicely executed. When I arrived at the Trevi fountain early morning however I found a water company  about to start restoration works with the intent of cutting off the water. When I was about to think “..and now what are we going to do!” they arrived just in time and the moment was just  right.

Afterwards a car was waiting for us to take us on an off-the-beaten-track photography tour of Rome which started at Circo Massimo and the ancient Appian roman roadway with large cobble stone slabs. A quick coffee break before setting off again and then a strange happening. Sheep. Yes sheep coming out of a park onto the road with cars honking trying to get I am not sure where. With the shepherd and the dogs and everything.

The clash between urban and rural is a photographer’s dream! So we shot a few pictures there even though the moment was fleeting and we were quickly back in the car headed to our final destination. The ancient aqueduct on Parco Appio Claudio in the south part of Rome. A stunning location to finish our wedding proposal session.

I remember the Engagement Love story it like this:

Surprise wedding proposal in Rome in Piazza Fontana di Trevi in Italy

Surprise wedding proposal as he puts on the engagement ring in front of a beautiful landmark.

Engagement session kissing in the sunset. Silhouette version.

Couple standing on top of Circo Massimo in the roman city.

Couple sitting down and relaxing during a picture session in Italy on ancient Appia

Walking together hand in hand on the ancient Appian road.

Walking together holding hands on the ancient Appia road in downtown Italy

Engagement ring during a coffee break holding hand together.

Sheeps running on asphalt urban road in Rome Italy

Candid in front of sheeps running on urban road in Italy

Ancient roman aqueduct Appio Claudio

Walking next to each other in the ancient roman aqueduct Appio Claudio

Engagement session old roman aqueduct in the outskirts of Rome

Black & white picture ancient aqueduct Appio-Claudio

Engaged looking up at the plane below an old ancient aqueduct in a park

Engagement underneath huge aqueduct Italy Parco Appio

Strolling during a tour of the ancient Italian monuments and landmarks

Together by a pond in a beautiful Italian park. Outdoor images.

Kissing at a park and pond with the reflection in the water.

More surprise proposals:

In a restaurant in Rome!
At Parco del Pincio with a beautiful view over the Roman skyline.
At sunset at Pincio Park

Off the beaten track surprise proposal
Article Name
Off the beaten track surprise proposal
This was a marriage proposal taking place at the Trevi fountain. And then on a car ride through the off the beaten tracks of Rome.


  • Mike says:

    Andrea, thank you so much for making our day so special! You were amazing! Anyone looking for a photographer in Rome would be out of their mind not to bring you along! – Mike

  • deba kent-johnson says:

    WOW!my daughter and future son-in-laws pictures are amazing!what romantic and loving scenary!how special does it gets,proposal witb an awesome couple and amazing photographer to top it all off!Thanks