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Rome Wedding Honeymoon Photoshoot

Taking pictures in Rome

Bride and Groom photos

What a fabulous elopement wedding photography session in Rome this was! Just the perfect day to take unforgettable pictures in the Eternal city while wearing attire! To complement ones wedding memories with unique and creative pictures from some of Rome’s most spectacular locations. Starting with a hotel car pick up and heading into central Rome to visit the ancient part of the city. Beginning with Piazza del Campidoglio which offers so many different picture opportunities. Ranging from ancient roman statues and columns. Wide and scenic staircases. As well as the incredible view over the Roman Forum.

Which we photographed from different angle views. Before actually walking on an ancient roman cobblestone road! Which lead us to our appointment with the car to pick us up again and take us to our next photoshoot destination in Rome!

Newlywed couple standing and posing by the ancient roman forum Drinking from a water fountain during a fun and creative Elopement Wedding Photoshoot in Rome Italy Standing together under the arch of Septimius Severus while taking elopement wedding pictures during a photoshoot in Rome Italy

Wedding photography in Rome with the bride and groom standing beneath an ancient roman marble statue Wedding couple posing by the forum with the view of the whole ancient city in the background Groom and bride walking up the steps of a large staircase during their photography session

The Roman Colosseum

Parco del Pincio

The Rome wedding photographer session continued at the Roman Colosseum. Where we took pictures on a small hill overlooking the monument from a distance. To get a whole view of it and to escape the main crowds! Taking different photographic perspectives including some bride and groom portraits by the terrace railing view. We then hopped back into the car and headed to Villa Borghese to take some photos by the Pincio terrace outlook. Which has a fabulous view over the Rome cityscape from above. This is where the Rome photographer session ended and we headed back to the hotel. But not before taking some final pictures of the engagement and wedding rings with the Vatican in the background!

Just married in Rome and taking a walk during their photographer session overlooking the city from the Pincio park terrace

Couple married portrait up close taken at Roman Colosseum


Time of the year: mid March
Time of day: early morning 8:00 am to 10:30 am
Services: Rome Wedding Honeymoon Photoshoot | Italy Photographer service with car transfers courtesy of WheretoRome
Photoshoot locations: Roman Forum, Colosseum, Villa Borghese 

Curated Wedding Photoshoot in Italy by the Andrea Matone photographer studio with weddings in Tivoli | Rome Ariccia | Gaeta | Positano | Pisa

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Rome Wedding Honeymoon Photoshoot
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Rome Wedding Honeymoon Photoshoot
Taking Fun and Creative Destination Wedding photos in the Eternal city of Rome together with the Andrea Matone Photographer Studio
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