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Wedding Marriage Blessing

By 11 November 2014April 6th, 2020Rome, Wedding

Church Santa Anna in the Vatican

I met with Chris and Sarah in the morning to photograph their blessing at the Santa Anna Church in the Vatican city. Also known as Pontificia Parrocchia Sant’Anna in Vaticano. Such an astounding location to celebrate a marriage renewal blessing in Rome Italy. Full of ancient papal history and beautiful baroque architecture and details. The ceremonial service lasted about 20min and soon after were out to celebrate this wonderful event with some fun wedding style photography.

Church Santa Anna Blessing in the Vatican. Bride and Groom standing at the entrance.

Statue of Mary. Catholic symbol.

Interior picture of the Sant'Anna Church in the Vatican city in Rome.

Groom showing the wedding rings used for the blessing celebration

Groom putting the ring on the bridge during the wedding ceremony in Santa Anna Church.

Saint Peter’s square

After the Catholic Blessing we moved over to Saint Peter’s square where we continued with the bride and groom wedding style session. Taking pictures underneath the Cathedral and in around the columns which create such beautiful architectural perspectives. Then we took some more candid photos as they crossed the street with the Basilica dome in the background. And inside a coffee bar as they drank an express or two!

Wondering how to get married in the Vatican? Check out this blog post that explains all the ins and outs!

Kissing in Saint Peter's square with the Basilica dome in the far distance. Wedding Blessing Photography in Rome, Italy.

Crossing the streets with the St. Peter Cathedral dome in the background.

Hands and rings on the ancient marble of Castel Sant'Angelo.

Castel Sant’Angelo and the Tiber river

We walked through Via della Conciliazione and headed over to to Castel Sant’Angelo bridge. Such an incredible location for iconic and romantic images of Rome. We had a relatively intimate photography session on the bridge with the angel statues looking on from the sides!
After taking come photos of the wedding rings on an ancient marble slab, we walked down to the Tiber river bank. Where we found a wide range of photo ideas. Taking inspiration from Italian graffiti on the walls and playing with different views on the bridge and the castle. I think some really cool pictures came out here!

Dipping the bride on the Castel Sant'Angelo bridge.

Wedding pictures taken down the tiber river with some graffiti in the background.

Bride and groom down underneath the bridge of Saint Angel Castle in Rome.

Walking away hand in hand on the Tiber river bank.

Pointing at a showcase in an ancient roman street.

Via dei Coronari

If you like typical roman streets filled with small off the beaten track alleyways, Via dei Coronari is certainly the right place. Such wonderful Italian shops and inspiring corners and squares. Ancient doorways, water fountains and characteristic local bars and wineries. So we stopped for a toast and to capture such exclusive images of this wonderful setting.

Portrait picture framed inside an ancient doorway.

Inside view of the wine bar.

Lavender plan closeup. Toasting together at a wine bar.

Drinking from a water fountain in the streets of the ancient city. Cobble stones.

Happily together photo with lavender.

View of groom and bride inside a staircase tunnel.

Piazza Navona and the Roman Pantheon

After resting a little bit we made our way to Piazza Navona. Running into a really nice square where we took some snapshots from above and at the end of some cool staircases. Piazza Navona was not very far away and after continuing the photo session under the Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi and in around the other architectural water fountains.
After a fun pizza break where we had a chance to laugh and to chat with the people behind the counter. We walked over to the Roman Pantheon which completed this really enjoyable photo shoot.

Couple standing in front of the main entrance of the Roman Pantheon

Piazza Navona water fountain with architectural elements.

Kissing at the Pantheon in Rome during a wedding photo service.

Time of the year: November
Time of day: morning-midday
Duration: 3 hrs
> Church blessing at Sant’Anna in the Vatican
> Saint Peter’s square and Via della Conciliazione w/bar stop for coffee
> Castel Sant’Angelo and the bridge and walking down to the Tiber river bank 
> Via dei Coronari in Rome
> Piazza Navona
> The Roman Pantheon

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Blessing at the Vatican
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