A unique Wedding Anniversary

By 27 August 2014February 1st, 2020Couple, Rome

With a car ride through city

Staring from the Sofitel Villa Borghese Hotel in Rome.  We began this anniversary engagement style session at Pincio park.  A beautiful terrace view over the city found right next to the hotel. The car brought us right by the view and after a leisurely walk we reached the beautiful view over Rome.

Posing before the sweeping roman view

The wedding ring

The weather was overcast and the sun reflection on a puddle caught my attention as we were walking past. I imagined it as a nice background contrast for the wedding ring picture.

Wedding ring picture taken in front of a puddle

Piazza del Popolo water fountain

There are some beautiful geometries when viewing this water fountain from an above viewpoint. I love the circular shape and the brilliant colors with the sun reflection on the surface water. It conveys such a summer Mediterranean feeling recalling also the colors of the sea. I imagine that this might have been the intent of the architect that built the fountain. You can read all about it here.

Wedding anniversary in Rome. Picture taken from above the water pool.

Piazza del Campidoglio and the Roman Forum

We invested a good deal of time here starting from the unique view over the Roman Forum. Then the photo shoot continued on the stairs found in the Piazza. And in between columns trying to filter out the best light. After one last perspective view over the Forum we jumped back in the car and headed for our next destinations.

Couple reflected in the tinted window of a parked minivan

View of the Roman Forum from above taken during a photography session in Rome

Portrait at the Forum with ancient monument in the back.

The Colosseum and Giardino degli Aranci

The roman Colosseum had to be included as it is such an amazing landmark. Perhaps recognized as the most iconic monument in Rome. It is really nice to be able to include it in the photos with some intimacy and away from the main crowds.

The anniversary photography session ended at Giardino degli Aranci with different pictures of the beautiful gardens as well as the spectacular terrace view over Saint Peter’s dome in the distance.

Photo shoot at the Roman Colosseum during and an anniversary engagement session.

Posing underneath columns in Piazza del Campidoglio

Romance at the Coliseum during a photo session. Rome anniversary.

Parco del Pincio view over the roman rooftops

Time of the year: July
Time of day: afternoon
Duration: 2 hrs by car
> Parco del Pincio
> Piazza del Popolo
> Roman Forum
> Piazza del Campidoglio
> Roman Colosseum
> Giardino degli Aranci

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Wedding Anniversary in Rome
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Wedding Anniversary in Rome
A super charming wedding anniversary celebrated with a creative photo shoot. Visiting by car the best locations and the off the beaten track places. To obtain truly unique pictures to treasure.