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Honeymoon in Rome

By 27 August 2014February 5th, 2020Couple, Rome

A walking photography session

We began this walking honeymoon photo session at Hotel Residenza Farnese in Rome. It was just a wonderful stroll around the city finding great pictures to take. It was not difficult as our wonderful couple was just so photogenic and open to the endless photographic opportunities ahead of us. The starting locating was also so inspiring. Piazza Farnese and the surroundings.

Posing near Palazzo Farnese.

Kissing couple during a photo session.

Honeymoon couple photo shoot. Smiling in Rome Italy.

Campo dei Fiori and Piazza Navona

We ran into the Campo dei Fiori fruit and vegetable market where we caught a series of images browsing through the different stands. Then we walked across the street and entered Piazza Navona where we walked around a little bit. Testing out different fountains as backgrounds. After a visit at San Ivo alla Sapienza we caught a quick coffee at St. Eustachio.

The Roman Pantheon

Our photo session brought us on to the Pantheon which is so inspiring with many different photo ideas which could be taken outside near the baroque fountain and inside underneath the amazing rooftop. The light shining through the hole above is just fascinating. Then so many interesting doorways that can be used as backdrops. Not only the majestic Pantheon door but also other smaller doors found around the environs. Light plays a key role here for inspiring images.

Monte Citorio and Piazza Colonna

This is an interesting area to take photographs in. Piazza Monte Citorio offering some great prospective views with Albergo Nazionale in the background. Piazza Colonna has these really cool columns where the light shines in at a really interesting angle. It’s just a great place to shoot.

Picture taking a Piazza Montecitorio.

Honeymoon Rome. Photography session underneath the columns in Piazza Colonna. Rome.

Posed picture of a couple at the Spanish steps overlooking Via Condotti.

Photographing on the Spanish Steps.

Sitting down before the sweeping view of the roman rooftops.

Fontana di Trevi and the Spanish steps

After a cool refreshing walk through Galleria Alberto Sordi we entered Piazza Fontana di Trevi. The fountain is undergoing restoration and it is certainly not at its best for pictures. But we photographed there nonetheless capturing some fun and playful images.
Then it was time for the Spanish steps and the beautiful view over Via Condotti and the Rome city center fashion district.

Parco del Pincio

Then we climbed up the Parco del Pincio hill overlooking the roman rooftops. The view here is really one of a kind and provides the opportunity for some really nice imagery of the ancient looking skyline. It is also a place packed with other great photo ideas.  After descending towards Piazza del Popolo we found this intriguing broken glass which was great for our final pictures of the wedding ring!

Engagement style honeymoon photo session in Rome.

Kissing under a tree in Villa Borghese park.

Piazza del Popolo. View from above while sitting down on the water fountain.

Close up picture of the wedding ring photographed behind broken glass.

Time of the year: July
Time of day: morning
Duration: 4 hrs walking
Photo shoot itinerary [more location ideas here]:
> Piazza Farnese and vicinity
> Campo dei fiori
> Piazza Navona
> San Ivo alla Sapienza
> Coffee at St. Eustachio
> Roman Pantheon
> Monte Citorio
> Piazza Colonna
> Galleria Alberto Sordi
> Fontana di Trevi
> Piazza di Spagna
> Parco del Pincio
> Piazza del Popolo
> Via Margutta

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On a Honeymoon in Rome
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On a Honeymoon in Rome
A splendid destination honeymoon in Rome. A walking photography session around the city. While looking for great pictures to take as you visit the city together.

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